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The Situation of Sukorejo Village is Conducive After Tension

TNI Joint Security Personnel, Police, and a Platoon of Brimob Police of East Java when Alerted to Guard Sukorejo Village, Bangorejo District, Tuesday (15/3/2022). Jaenudin/

The situation is gradually conducive after the incident 2 pencak silat college 'clashes'’ in Sukomukti Hamlet, Sukorejo Village, Bangorejo District, Banyuwangi Regency, Monday 14 March 2022 early days.

Head of Operations (Kabag Ops) City Resort Police (Police) Banyuwangi Police Commissioner Agung Setyo Budi said:, after the incident occurred 2 Pencak silat college for officers from the Joint Indonesian National Police and a platoon of Brimob Regional Police (Polda) East Java and the side police were alerted in Sukorejo Village, Bangorejo District.

The large-scale security is to anticipate things that are not desirable in the jurisdiction of the Sector Police (police station) Bangorejo.

“The number of joint security personnel of the Indonesian National Police and one platoon of the Regional Police (Polda) East Java as much as 355 personnel,” said Commissioner Agung Setyo Budi.