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Waste Processing Sites in Banyuwangi Waste Exports 6 Ton to Austria

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Five years of operation, Reduce Waste Processing Site, Reuse, Recycle (TPS3R) Bio Mandiri Lestari in Walling Village, Muncar District, Banyuwangi can be said to have succeeded in managing waste in its area.

Apart from successfully exporting the waste it manages, TPS3R is also able to make the area flood-free.

TPS3R which was developed since 2018 It adapts a circular system. Where the waste is sorted directly by partners from the household. The waste is then managed at TPS3R. Both organic and non-organic.

Every month, The average waste managed reaches 270 tonnes coming from 7500 households in four villages in Muncar District.

TPS3R Bio Mandiri Lestari Manager Nungky Rosalina explained that TPS3R's waste management products are organic and non-organic..

Organic waste is processed into organic fertilizer and maggot caterpillars. Meanwhile, non-plastic waste is sorted based on type. Like a bottle, crackle, hard plastic and the like.

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