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Vermak repairman smashes cell phone

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craftsmanSRONO – If only you would be honest, DY, 25, residents of Karanglo Hamlet, Sukonatar Village, Srono . District, Of course you won't be in conflict with the law. The man who works as a Levis repairman had to deal with the police because he did not admit to taking a customer's cell phone which he left at his place of work.. The BlackBerry brand cellphone taken belonged to Syaiful, 36, residents of Rogojampi Village/District.

At that time Syaiful asked DY to tell the truth. However, DY still insisted on not hiding the cellphone. Even, if the victim reports to the police, The perpetrator threatened to report back for alleged defamation even so, The victim was still reluctant to report the case to the police. Because, Syaiful is sure there is no one else besides DY. The story, The victim was servicing his le vis at the perpetrator's workplace in front of SMPN I Srono Thursday afternoon (28/3). After repairing levis, the victim went straight home.

Nahas, left his cell phone behind. The victim turned right. The tapi, unexpected, The cellphone is no longer in the place. The victim immediately asked the perpetrator, but the perpetrator admitted that he didn't know. After receiving the report, the police immediately. At that time, the perpetrator was immediately questioned at the Srono Police Headquarters. After the inspection, It turned out that the perpetrator admitted to taking the customer's cell phone.

To eliminate traces, The perpetrator threw the cell phone not far from where he worked. “The perpetrator threw the cellphone in the yard of the house,” said Srono Police Chief AKP Jodana Gunadi yesterday. The police immediately named DY as a suspect. Until yesterday, DY is still being held at the Srono police headquarters. “Now we are still in the inspection process,” tandas Jodana. (radar)

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