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Reveal Fraud Cases, Cluring Police Even Arrest Sabu Town

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Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Cluring Police of IPTU Yaman Adinata when Showing Evidence of Narcotics Types of Methamphetamine that Suspect PF is holding, Tuesday (01/02) Jaenudin/

BANYUWANGIHITS.ID – The ranks of the Banyuwangi Police Cluring Police Crime Unit, succeeded in uncovering cases of fraud and getting a narcotics dealer bonus of methamphetamine type, in the jurisdiction, Tuesday (01/02/22). The man with the initials PF had to be huddled in the detention cell of the Cluring Mapolsek after being arrested for fraud and was found to be carrying shabu weighing as heavy as 1 gram.

Cluring Police Chief AKP Agus Priyono when confirmed regarding this arrest confirmed, The alleged perpetrator is a resident of Talunrejo Hamlet, Sembulung village, Cluring District, Banyuwangi, East Java.

“Yes, The Crime Unit during the arrest of, suspected perpetrator of fraud and during a search, one gram of methamphetamine was found in PF, ”Kata AKP Agus.

The suspect was arrested at his home, From the arrest, the police also secured 1 unit Hand Phone jenis Samsung, 3 Lighter, 2 pack of cigarettes, 1 set klip, 5 small plastic, 1 glass dropper, and 5 fruit straw.

"We have confiscated all of the evidence from the alleged perpetrators,”Explained the top leader of the Cluring Police.

Polresta Banyuwangi Cluring Sector Police, directly coordinate with the Banyuwangi Police Satnarkoba to carry out development. Meanwhile, the alleged perpetrator of PF was charged with Article 114 verse (1) sub article 112 verse (1) UU RI NO. 35 year 2009 about Class I Narcotics, with a fine 10 Billions and maximum confinement 20 Year.

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