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30 List of Banyuwangi Songs Sung by Suliyana Most Popular Year 2022

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30 List of popular songs sung by Suliyana in the year 2022. //Instagram/@suliyana0708//

BESUKI NEWS – Here is a list of the most popular Banyuwangi songs sung by Suliyana in the year 2022 this.

For those of you who want karaoke, don't be confused about listing songs, there are several Banyuwangi and Javanese songs that are sung again by Suliyana.

Suliyana herself is a Banyuwangi artist who is quite famous in the area, let's look at the list of songs sung by Suliyana in 2022.

  1. Free
  2. Top Typhoon
  3. Sun Closes the Heart Door
  4. Don't Pursue Mercy
  5. Balekno Merene
  6. Sukur Kepus
  7. Cared for by Strangers
  8. I think it's a mix-up
  9. Gengdeng Difference
  10. Boso Moto
  11. This is the existence of Isun
  12. Separate
  13. Purity of Heart
  14. Feel the flavor
  15. You can only look
  16. Dear 2
  17. It happened
  18. Twelve Rings Here
  19. Invest in the Sky
  20. Turned away
  21. That Biso
  22. Embo Apuwo
  23. Ebb and flow of Urep
  24. Bitter
  25. One flavor
  26. Balekno Merene
  27. Sun Closes the Heart Door
  28. Sukur Kepus
  29. Pingal
  30. Nono Means

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