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573 Honorary Person Bouncing

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Definitely Failed to Become a CPNS

BANYUWANGI – Hundreds of category II honorary staff (K2) in the Banyuwangi Regency Government environment, it is certain that he will fail to become a civil servant candidate (civil servant). From 3.800 names of honorary staff who enter the Personnel and Training Agency (BKD), only 3.227 people who pass are proposed to the State Civil Service Agency (BKN).

Thus, around 573 K2 honorary workers who are confirmed to be canceled as CPNS. They were removed from the K2 honorary list, because it does not meet the requirements and criteria for the K2 honorary set by the government. Head of BKD Banyuwangi, Wahyudi explained, 573 The honorarium that was removed means that the opportunity to become a CPNS has been closed.

Because, 573 This honorarium is no longer included in the K2 honorary database at BKN. There are five required criteria, first on 1 January 2006 must be at least old 19 years and max 46 year. Second, on 1 January 2012 then have at least one year of service. The third, The person concerned has worked continuously in a government agency-
continuous or uninterrupted.

The fourth condition, The honorarium they receive comes from non-APBD or APBN. Fifth condition, The honorary person concerned is appointed as the Civil Service Supervisory Officer (PPK) and other authorized officials. "From 573 that, all none meet the five criteria set," said Sih Wahyudi.

According to Sih Wahudi, 3.227 Other honorees have passed and met the criteria in the initial selection. Next, BKD has proposed these names to BKN to be appointed as CPNS. "Which 3.227 has entered the BKN database,He said. Even if you have entered BKN, go on, There is no one hundred percent guarantee that all honorary workers will be appointed as CPNS.

Because, Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform) request that the names of the K2 honorees be re-selected. According to Sih, re-selection is not only carried out by BKD. The selection must involve the public. In the Circular Letter of the Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Number 03 Year 2012, Regional governments are asked to announce the names of the K2 honorees.

As a follow-up to the Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform's Circular, BKD officially announced the names of K2 honorees on the official BKD website starting last night. BKD asks the public to submit complaints if they find honorary names that do not meet the five criteria. "The public is asked to participate in selecting the names of K2 honorees and we will wait until they arrive 27 April 2012," said Sih Wahyudi.

If complaints from the public are proven, he continued, BKD will remove the person concerned. The results of the K2 honorary track recording will be sent to BKN at the latest 30 April 2012. "After that, We are waiting for the next policy of the Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform,He said. To the K2 honorees, Sih Wahyudi appealed to always be wary of fraudulent acts that promise to get honorary honorary status as CPNS in exchange for material rewards.

Especially, if there are parties who claim to be BKD officials or employees who promise to qualify as CPNS. “BKD will never promise such things," he concluded. (radar)

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