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Open Modern Farming Training, Regent Anas Wants to Stimulate the Horticulture Sector

BANYUWANGI – As much 23 youth from various regions in Indonesia participated in modern agricultural training conducted by Etos Agro and the Organization for Industrial, Spiritually, Culture and Advancement (OISCA), a Japan-based organization.

They are trained intensively on how to develop agriculture including development management.

The training was opened by Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas at the plantation area of ​​Alasrejo Village, Wongsorejo District, Banyuwangi, Tuesday (25/9/2018).

On that occasion, Anas expects graduates from the training titled Smart Training Center (STC) OISCA Agro is able to develop horticultural farming in Banyuwangi.

"Now tourist visits to Banyuwangi are increasing. The demand for fruit also increased. If at this time, Banyuwangi has been successful in developing dragon fruit and oranges, I think it is also necessary to develop other fruit farms,said Anas.

The hope expressed by Anas is not without reason. Considering that this training involves many competent parties.

In addition to the Japan-based OISCA, also involved several well-known campuses in the field of agriculture. Starting from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Brawijaya Malang to National Chung Hsing University (QUESTION) Taichung, Taiwan.

“Taichung is one area that is quite successful in its fruit farming industry. So, I want in the future, this collaboration with National Chung Hsing University can be further enhanced," he said.

Representative from National Chung Hsing University, Lin Yung Kai, enthusiastically welcomed the idea. He has the hope of Indonesian agriculture, especially in Banyuwangi, have international standard quality.

“It's a great idea to develop a fruit farm here. We will study further,” said Lin Yung.

Lin Yung Kai added, This training also teaches participants about three important things that must be mastered by farmers in order to have international quality. “Modern agriculture, professional and environmentally conscious. That's the key," he said.

Meanwhile, Director of Overseas OISCA International Japan, Akira Morita said the main goal of OISCA in holding various agricultural trainings was an effort to participate in minimizing the negative impacts arising from the agricultural sector..

Director STC OISCA Banyuwangi Basoenondo menjelaskan, the training was attended by 23 participant. Apart from Banyuwangi itself, also attended by several participants from out of town.

"They will be trained for nine months. Not only technically trained, but also develop their character to become a professional farmer,"said Basoenondo.

During these nine months, all accommodation and facilities are covered by OISCA. They will utilize the land from the plantation to explore the various knowledge they have learned during the training.

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