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The Sempu-Blokagung Department bus is empty of passengers

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SEMPU, Jawa Pos Radar Tile - Land transportation services served by the Damri bus to Sempu Village/District - Karangdoro Village, It seems that Tegalsari District has not received much attention. Since operating on Sunday (1/1) until Monday (30/1), still rarely ride passengers.

In fact, yellow plate bus with police number P 7296 That UD, it is not uncommon to start a journey with an empty passenger seat. "Far away, the fare is the same as Rp 15 thousand. This route is new, so not much is known,said the Damri bus driver, Sujarno, 50, from Blokagung Hamlet, Karangdoro Village.

According to Sujarno, in a day it is not certain that there are residents who take the bus from two round trips to Blokagung Hamlet, Karangdoro Village to Sempu Village. “Sometimes only one person gets on the bus, the next two days could be nothing at all,"he explained to Jawa Pos Radar Genteng.

Damri's bus line, it's clear, starting from Pondok Pesantren Darussalam, Blokagung to Kalisetail Station at around 10:00 p.m 06.00. Next, from Kalisetail Station to Blokagung Islamic Boarding School at around 09.00. "Leave again at about 12.00 and back to Blokagung at 14.00,” he said.

According to Sujarno, the Damri bus route is still undergoing a trial period of around six months. This is a collaboration with Islamic boarding schools and Kalisetail Station. "Still trying, maybe in the next two months nothing will change (more people),"he said.

Even though you have cooperation with the Darussalam Islamic Boarding School, Blokagung, Sujarno said the target passengers were not only the students, but also the general public. “Anyone who wants to ride in the middle of the road actually can, this is the same as the bus in general," he explained.

Head of Kalisetail Station, Wibowo said that since a month the Damri bus route to Sempu-Blokagung has been operating. The bus is expected to be able to help passengers who have just gotten off at Kalisetail Station. "This is another alternative for passengers to continue their journey,He said.(sas/abi)