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Distribute Trex Pills, Youth from Muncar Arrested by Police

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BANYUWANGI – A distributor of pharmaceutical preparations without a distribution permit for the type of Trihexyphenidyl Pill (Pil Trex) was arrested by the Muncar Police Criminal Unit Unit, Wednesday (6/2/2019). The perpetrator was Reza Wijaya alias Mince (19) residents of Sumberberas Village, Muncar District, Banyuwangi Regency.

Mince was arrested by officers in an empty house in Sidomulyo Hamlet, RT 06 RW 2 Sumberberas Village, Muncar District. Mince was caught by the authorities when he was busy doing a Trex pill transaction at the crime scene (crime scene), around o'clock 16.00 WIB.

Muncar Police Chief Kompol Toha Choiri through the Muncar Police Criminal Investigation Unit Iptu Eko Darmawan explained, the arrest was successfully carried out based on information from the public and the perpetrators were arrested after officers conducted an investigation at the TKP during the Semeru Crush Operation this year. 2019.

While at the crime scene, the police received information at the location of the arrest, to be precise, in an empty house often used by youths to party with alcohol, hangout and trex pill transaction place.

Based on police monitoring at the crime scene, many young people come and go in the empty house. When a search was carried out on the young man who was suspected of being a buyer, officers found trex pills 5 item, 1 plastic clip and a pack of Dhunhil cigarettes.

From that evidence, The officers immediately searched the perpetrators and found evidence of trex pills 77 items packed in plastic, cash Rp. 310 thousand, and 2 clip plastic wrap.

Because it's proven, The perpetrators were immediately taken to the Muncar Police Headquarters for further action. While the buyer, be a witness in this case.

"We have secured the perpetrators and the evidence. The perpetrator was charged with Article 197 Sub Article 196 Law No 36 Year 2009, about health,” he said