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Heroes Cafe Jajag Digerebeg, Underage Stripper Dancer Arrested by Police

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Illustration of a striptease dancer (Photo:

PUBLIKBANYUWANGI.COM – There are many rumors circulating among the community that there will be a live party with striptease dancers, which has disturbed the public at one of the family entertainment venues in Jajag Village., Gambiran District, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java, Finally, they were raided by the PPA Unit of the Banyuwangi Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Thursday (13/01/2022) night.

The raid was carried out by the Women and Children Protection Unit (PPA) The Banyuwangi Police Criminal Investigation Unit at the Heroes Cafe in Jajag Village managed to find a striptease dancer who was busy contorting his body to the music of clubbing.. After being checked by officers, The striptease dancer who allegedly came from Tegaldlimo District was apparently still underage.

For investigation purposes related to violations committed by Heroes Cafe management, The underage striptease dancer was finally arrested and taken to the Banyuwangi Police Headquarters for questioning..

Meanwhile, Head of Criminal Investigation Unit for the Banyuwangi Police, Commissioner Iwan Hari Purwanto, when confirmed via WhatsApp, was reluctant to explain in detail the process of the raid carried out by his subordinates.. “Just confirm it with the Police Chief, bro, ” he said shortly.

Although the police discovered the use of underage striptease dancers by Heroes Cafe management, but the policy does not install a policy line (police line) at location. From information obtained, the entertainment venue in the name of a family entertainment venue is supported by one of the officials at the Banyuwangi Police.

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