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Safe Circumcision at an Affordable Cost

circumcisionThe Electrocauter "Laser" Technique is One of the Options

ROOFTILE – Al Huda Hospital (RSAH) Tile provides safe circumcision services at an affordable cost. One of them is by using the standard method of conventional circumcision and the "laser" electrocauter method. Circumcision services can be done at any time in the ER (Emergency departments). "In general, there are several techniques in performing circumcision.

Among them is the classical method, conventional standard method of circumcision, bell method, clamp method, metode “laser” electrocauter, metode fl ash cutter, and the CO2 laser method,” said dr. Soegeng Hery Priyono, MMRS, Doctor Watches the Emergency Installation of Al Huda Hospital. At Al Huda Hospital itself, Soegeng said, circumcision service can be done anytime. While the technique used. Among them is the standard method of conventional circumcision, and the electrocauter “laser” method, or lay people often refer to it as a laser.

The conventional circumcision method is the standard method most widely used by doctors and nurses with special skills. This method uses tools that comply with medical standards,Also uses local anesthesia and threads that can be absorbed by the body and do not need to be removed. In this technique the risk of infection is small and the risk of bleeding is almost non-existent.

This method is suitable for all age groups, The cost is quite affordable. For the "laser" method, electro cautery is a technique that is currently emerging in the community and is better known as "Laser Circumcision".. The highlight of this laser circumcision is that the process is fast, easy to stop light bleeding, and suitable for children under the age 3 year, where the blood vessels are small. Soegeng said, bah wa khitan medically there is cutting the prepuceum, the skin that covers the glans penis (penis head).

Circumcision is an act of removing the foreskin of the penis with the intention of carrying out religious rules or on medical indications. Average circumcision wound healing time 1 week. Benefits of circumcision, he said, including to maintain men's personal hygiene, and if you are married, you can take care of the personal hygiene of the man and his partner. For young children with phimosis (the buds are narrowed)should be circumcised immediately to avoid urinary tract infections in the child. Regarding the age problem when undergoing circumcision, there are actually no definite rules.

Even, Currently, it is mostly done on newborns who are still old 1 up to you 2 day. According to research on circumcision that was carried out earlier, can prevent urinary tract infections (ISK) since early stage. In general, circumcision is performed under local anesthesia for the two techniques mentioned above. However, in certain cases sometimes require general anesthesia. "In general anesthesia, the principle is that the child can sleep peacefully and the pain is eliminated". So that the circumcision process can run smoothly, and as soon as the circumcision is finished, the child immediately realizes,Soegeng said. For more information about circumcision, please contact (0333) 842034 or come directly to Al Huda Hospital, Jl.Raya Gambiran No. 225 Gambiran Banyuwangi. (radar)

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