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Send Dried Taro Leaves to Australia

Delivery 7 until 10 Tons Every Month

BANYUWANGI – It turns out that taro is not the only fruit that has economic value, the leaves or limpong also have a pretty tempting economic value. No half-hearted, The dried leaf stalks are absorbed by the Australian market.

After processing, Taro leaves have a high enough economic value because they are in demand by the Australian market. It is just, The taro leaves are designed to look like dried tobacco. The taro leaves are intentionally dried until they turn brown.

After that, The taro leaves are chopped like tobacco. Interesting, the taro leaves that look like tobacco were sent to Australia. No half-hearted, Delivery of dried taro leaves is routine every month. “Regular delivery of seven to ten tons every month,Said Ibrahim, businessman from the village of Pakis Taji, District of Kabat, yesterday.

The delivery of the dried taro leaves has been going on for the past few years. He said, many people are serious about the taro leaf business. ''It's been five years since the delivery of taro leaves to Australia,"He said he was found at his house yesterday. He added, Dried taro leaves are not only imported from Banyuwangi.

''How much'', we are ready to accommodate it," he explained. Then, what are the benefits of dried taro leaves in Australia? According to Ibrahim, these materials turned out to be only made into compost. ''Only made into compost," he explained. Apart from dried taro leaves, light him, Papaya leaves can also be sold. The process is the same, Papaya leaves are dried and then chopped.

''But the price is different. Dried papaya leaves are cheaper than dried taro leaves," he said. (radar)

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