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KONI Freezes Pordasi-Perserosi

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horsesBANYUWANGI – Indonesian National Sports Committee (HORSES) Banyuwangi suspended management of two sports (sport). The parent organization of all sports considers that the management structure of the two sports has many irregularities. The two sports that were frozen were Branch Management (Cabbage) Indonesian Equestrian Sports Association (Pordation) Banyuwangi and Pengcab Indonesian Roller Skating Association (Perserosi) Banyuwangi.

KONI Banyuwangi took firm action by taking the decision to freeze it with various considerations. These two sports were suspended for different reasons. KONI Banyuwangi suspended Pordasi's management even though Pordasi had a decision letter (SK). strange, even though you have a SK, but apparently there is no main equestrian organization at the East Java Province level. ''At the provincial level, Pordasi does not have an organizational platform,” said the chairman of KONI Banyuwangi, Nurmansyah, yesterday (24/2).

Meanwhile, The basis for freezing the management of Perserosi Banyuwangi is that they are deemed not to have a valid decree from the Provincial Management (Pengprov) East Java Company. ''We don't want to take risks regarding the disbursement of the year's budget 2014 this,"he said. This decision was taken after a coordination meeting with all sports administrators some time ago. ''The Perserosi management did not come when we called. But Pordasi came," he said. (radar)

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