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Paper Mill Rises Again

factoryPT KBR's New Machine Operates in March 2014

BANYUWANGI – The past glory of the Basuki Rahmat Banyuwangi Paper Factory seems to be repeating itself in 2014 coming. Starting next year, the company will enter a new chapter in the paper mill industry in Indonesia. In March 2014 coming, PT. Rahmat Basuki Paper (PT KBR) will operate the new machine that was bought long ago. In the year 1995 then PT. KBR bought a new machine for Rp 1 Trillion. Dear, since purchased until the year 2013 this, The new machine has never been operated.

The plan for the operation of the new machine was submitted by the new owner of PT. KBR Johan Darsono to Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas in his office on Wednesday (4/12) then. On that occasion, Johan came with several directors of PT. KBR to report on the planned operation of the new machine. Since last October, Johan is the new owner of PT. KBR. Previously, PT. KBR is owned by a businessman from Jakarta, Boediono. Since October, PT. KBR has changed hands to the original entrepreneur Su Rabaya, Johan Darsono.

Regent Anas fully supports PT .'s operational plan. KBR is under the control of the new investor, Johan Darsono. Since the beginning, Regent Anas has taken steps so that PT. KBR will operate optimally soon. One of the things that Regent Anas has taken is to bring together PT . investors. KBR with banking syndication. Regent Anas all out fighting for PT. KBR to operate optimally because it will be a lever for economic growth in Banyuwangi.

In addition to boosting the economic growth of Banyuwangi,, The normal operation of the factory will also open up new jobs. If PT. KBR is operating normally, Then the number of unemployed will decrease and the economic activity of the community will grow. Manager HRD PT. KBR, Akfan Luzuardi says, Currently all preparations for the operation of the new machine are being carried out. PKBR's new owner wants the new machine to be operational in March 2014.

"The slowest, April is in production. We are speeding all preparations to pursue the operation target in March,"said Akfan. Since last October, Akfan said, PKBR production has been stopped due to the transfer of the old owner to the new owner. Management decided to operate again, but not using the old machine but using a new machine. New machine production capacity, said Akfan, much bigger than the old machine. In a day, new machine PT. KBR is capable of producing paper up to 600 ton.

“Old machines are only capable of producing approx 30 tons per day,He said. Paper production with that new machine, continued Akfan, not the same as the old machine production. So far, PT. KBR only produces white paper. However, with that new engine, PT. KBR will produce brown paper for industrial needs. In the first production in March, while the old machine is not operating.

The old machine is projected to produce paper that is not produced using the new machine. The operation of new machines not only increases production capacity, but also increase the number of workers. Akfan conveyed, operating a new machine requires organic employees around 300 until 400 person. Besides that, it takes approx 100 non-organic employees.

Total human resource requirements approx. 500 person. When compared to the old machine operation, the amount of labor required to operate the new machine is much greater. So far, old machine PT. KBR only employs approx. 160 organic employees. “Total employees of PT. KBR uses old machines only approx 240 person. Level per tama, we will select around 150 new employees,” he added.

Check the Feasibility of the Wongsorejo Industrial Estate

Meanwhile, Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) move quickly to realize the Wongsorejo Industrial Estate (KIW). SOE Minister Dahlan Iskan sent a special team to Banyuwangi to conduct a feasibility study (FS) industrial estate development plans on land owned by PT. Archipelago Plantation (PTPN) yesterday (6/12). The FS team appointed by the Ministry of SOEs is a company engaged in the engineering consulting business & management, namely PT. It's work (Persero) Bandung.

The three-member team went to the Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) to find supporting data yesterday. In addition to looking for completeness of data, the FS team also had a brief discussion with several Bappeda officials. "I've already discussed with our team. The main thing is, The team targets FS to be completed within one month,said Head of Bappeda Ba nyuwangi, Agus Siswanto.

In order to support the implementation of FS, The local government team stated that they were ready to work extra to realize the acceleration of the development of the industrial area. "We are on call during 24 hours to support the fast work of the SOE Ministry team,” he said. All supporting data for the industrial estate development plan has been submitted to the PT FS team. Beautiful Work (Persero).

One of the data submitted, map of the location of the planned industrial estate development in four villages in Wongsorejo District, namely Bangsring Village, Swollen Village, Alas Reed Village, and the Village of Timekebo. The continuation of the plan for the development of the industrial area on the PTPN land will be determined based on the results of the work of the FS team from PT. Indah Karya Persero). The results of the study from the FS will be the basis and policy for the development of the industrial area.

The results of the location mapping carried out by the Bappeda team together with the PTPN team are known in detail the coordinate points that will be used as industrial areas. The area of ​​land prepared for industrial estates reaches 2.289 hectare (he has). Land area 2.289 ha it's spread over four afdeling, yakni Department Matches 130 he has, Division Sidomulyo 503 he has, Northern Division 1.413 he has, and South Pasewaran Afdeling 241 he has. (radar)

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