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Hundreds of Al-Anwari Flagship Middle School Students Go Home Together

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Photo: Radar Banyuwangi – Jawa Pos

BANYUWANGI – As much 248 junior high school students (SMP) Al-Anwari's flagship, Kertosari, Banyuwangi goes home together, Thursday (9/4/2020) yesterday.

Reported from Radar Banyuwangi – Jawa Pos, hundreds of students who wanted to return to their respective homes were released directly by the Chairman of the Al Anwari Foundation KH Achmad Siddiq SAg MHI witnessed by representatives of the Transportation Service and the school committee.

For the second wave, The return of adult students will take place on Saturday 11 April 2020 tomorrow.

“This mass return of students is an effort to follow government recommendations, MUI, and Foundation Meetings to reduce the increasingly uncertain turmoil of Covid-19 or the corona virus,” said the Principal of Al Anwari Banyuwangi Superior Middle School, Ahmad Sukardi SPd.

later, Sukardi continued, Santri students who have arrived home must still comply with health protocol regulations.

“Before they go home, we carry out health tests on santri students. Alhamdulillah, they are in good health,” Sukardi said.

“However, To avoid unwanted things, they must stay at home when they are at home,” he added.

Even though they were sent home, Sukardi explained, However, the teaching and learning process is still carried out online. Including Ramadan activities which will be carried out streaming so that students will still be monitored for their education while at home.

“Al Anwari Flagship Middle School is currently opening registration for new students, wave one is here 77 accepted students. Currently we are still opening the second wave, Last registration date 8 May 2020. In total we accept new students 130 students,” Sukardi said.

“For online registration information, you can go to Ustad Mas'ul Latif 085258572006,” he added.

Chairman of the Al Anwari Foundation KH Achmad Siddiq SAg MHI said that students were asked to study at home until 6 June 2020 (if it is deemed safe).

Meanwhile, Teachers will give online assignments to students. While at home, He asked parents to monitor students so they don't contract corona.

“We ask the students to pray while at home so that the Indonesian people will be safe from the corona outbreak,” said Gus Siddiq.

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