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Do not kill snakes that enter the house

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they areFor some residents, Snakes are scary animals that must be killed immediately when they enter the house. Nah, member of Banyuwangi Reptile Community (Bareco) now trying to change that view. The woman's hysterical screams were heard so shrilly among the crowd of residents in Blambangan Park that morning (20/1). A moment later, the scream turned into a sound of giggling.

What's wrong?? Our curiosity succeeded in luring us closer to the crowd of residents. After being approached, It was only discovered that the scream which instantly turned into laughter came from a teenage girl. A fairly large snake appeared to be coiled around the olive-skinned teenager's neck. It's scary indeed. But the girl looked so cheerful with the reptile coiled around her neck. Even, The girl then asked a colleague to take a photo of herself posing with the snake.

“This is the first time I dare to hold a snake. I've just been notified, that the snake I am holding is not venomous. Oh, after I tried it, the snake is not fierce, not biting, and didn't poison me with its venom," said the girl who was later identified as Meliana, 16, resident of Perum Sukowidi, Klatak Village, Kalipuro is the Blambangan Park area which at that time was busy with residents, Apparently it is a special consideration for the snake owner to show off his pet. Of course not without consideration, It turns out the snake owner wanted to educate residents, that not all types of snakes are venomous.

Otherwise, There are several types of snakes that can be treated well and interacted with intensely, can be a friendly pet. Yes, The owner of the snake is a member of a community of reptile lovers, namely the Banyuwangi Reptile Community. A community formed since the Middle Ages 2011 the, now have it 25 The majority of members keep snakes. string, 21, Bareco chairman said, All members of the community they lead must really love reptiles. Pets must be cared for properly, so that animals do not get sick or even die. “Our goal is to conserve reptiles, not to hasten extinction,” he said.

Nah, to realize the dream of preserving these reptiles, Of course, it can't only be done by internal Bareco members. Because of that, Members of this community are actively conducting outreach about reptiles to the public. "That's why we came to Blambangan Park, while this place is busy with people enjoying Car Free Day. We want to clarify people's views about snakes. So far, people have been afraid of snakes because they are considered scary and dangerous. Not all types of snakes are dangerous,said Irul. Irul stated, they are pythons (the nose), boa, and anacondas, are several types of non-venomous snakes.

If cared for well and interacted with intensely, then the snake can be tame. “Meanwhile, poisonous snakes cannot be tamed. But it can be handled,” explained the teenager from Singotrunan Village, The Banyuwangi District. According to Irul, People can recognize poisonous snakes and not by looking at the snake's physical characteristics or reaction when it meets humans. It says, Venomous snakes have a perfect triangular head shape, while the shape of the head of a non-venomous snake tends to be oval. If you meet humans, Venomous snakes usually tend to survive, Meanwhile, non-venomous snakes will immediately run away when they meet humans.

Maybe because poisonous snakes feel they have the means to protect themselves with poison. So, when meeting humans or being thrown out when entering residential areas, Venomous snakes tend to survive," he explained. Dicky, the Bareco member added, they routinely gather once a week. The meeting is usually held at Sritanjung Park every Sunday afternoon. "At the gathering, We use it to disseminate information to the community. For example, if a snake comes into the house, don't kill him straight away. But move it to a location as far away from the housing as possible using a long stick,he said.

It says, Snake preservation is necessary to keep the food chain unbroken. Because, if the food chain is broken, The balance of the ecosystem will be disturbed which will have a negative impact on society itself. For example, when the number of snakes in the rice fields is decreasing due to being hunted by humans, then the number of mice continues to increase. If the number of mice is out of control, Of course, farmers will be harmed because the rats will attack their crops. Apart from snakes, Some Bareco members also keep various other types of reptiles. Among them, iguana, lizard, and turtles. “A Bareco member also keeps poisonous snakes. But because we are dangerous, The poisonous snake was not brought to this place (Blambangan Park),"concluded Dicky. (radar)

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