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Wahono, Putra Endro Wilis Author of the song Ulan Andung-andung

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save 400 More Lyrics of His Father's Song

FIRSTLY JP-RaBa got news about someone who has a collection 400 more Banyuwangi song lyrics. In this day and age, the number of collectors of song lyrics is quite rare. Feeling curious, we immediately went to the man's residence around Jalan Wachid Hasyim, Banyuwangi.

Wahono, 54, the name of the collector. The man with a slightly small stature and glasses immediately invited us in. Our conversation with Wahono immediately flowed. While brewing a cup of coffee, the middle-aged man said he was the fifth child of the late Endro Wilis, the creator of the Ulan Andung-andung song which is often sung at every event in Banyuwangi.

The songs in his collection are the work of his late father, Boesairi Elman, or better known as Endro Wilis. After serving coffee, Wahono shows his collection. He revealed four large-sized maps. Each map contains 100 song lyric sheet.

He explained, The lyrics of the song, which contains lines of words and musical notes, were handwritten by his late father. Then, Some song lyrics that are starting to get damaged are repaired by photocopying and laminating, so it still looks intact.

Right, after we saw all the lyrics were handwritten. There is a special snippet with beam notes on the lyrics. On the start page of the map contains the lyrics of the song, Wahono made a kind of table of contents. She said, Among the many children of Endro Wilis, only he wants to care about his father's songs.

Not because he's close to his father, but Wahono cares about his father's Banyuwangi songs, which he feels have a lot of meaning. It's not like the current song, which according to him is far from the cultural characteristics of Banyuwangi. Among the sheets is the song Ulan Andung-andung which was written in 1964.

To JPRaBa he narrated, The habit of making song lyrics started in the 1950s when Endro Wilis was still a member of the TNI. Andung-andung's Birthday Song, Wahono said, created based on his father's personal experience. While occasionally sipping coffee, Wahono said the meaning of "ulan andung andung" was a big hope about his father's love for his fiancé at that time.

But, fate apparently says otherwise. Allowance Endro Wilis married one of the prison guards. "So, father was once arrested by the British and imprisoned in England. Father's fiance used to accompany his mother when sending food, but apparently it made your fiancé get hooked on the mantri guarding the prison,Wahono's story.

Because of that experience, his father made a song whose lyrics are so lilting. In addition to a pile of folders containing song lyrics, Wahono also showed the award trophy on behalf of his father as a cultural hero of Banyuwangi. So far, the father of two admitted that he occasionally sings some of the lyrics of the songs that are part of his collection.

However, the rest is only kept as evidence if one day someone searches for or sings his father's song. One by one Wahono showed several popular songs by Endro Wilis, such as Isun Who Has A Face, Silk shawl, Miss you, Donge Mekar, and Lambe.

"If later someone suddenly sings father's song, like Nini Karlina, who sings Ulan Andung-andung, at least i have real proof,Wahono said. Wahono hopes that there will be special attention regarding the old Banyuwangi songs, which he thinks are very monumental.

He remembers the former Regent of Banyuwangi, Samsul Hadi, used to often sing his father's song, even asked to make a song. Banyuwangi songs, Wahyono said, very liked by the people of Indonesia. Even, when migrating to Papua, Wahono listened to the Banyuwangi song playing there.

"In my shop, when is the day when there is a Porprov contingent from Probolinggo singing karaoke?. They even sing Banyuwangi song, even though they speak Madurese. Means this Banyuwangi song is prospective, "said the man who owns the restaurant business.(radar)

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