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Middle-aged woman killed by Sritanjung train

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Officers evacuated the body of a middle-aged woman who was beaten to death by the Sritanjung train (Photo:

A middle-aged woman died on the spot after being hit by a train (KA) Sritanjung in Boyolangu Village, Giri . District, Banyuwangi Regency, Wednesday (23/3/2022) around 07.11 WIB.

As a result of the incident, several parts of the victim's body were destroyed. Even, the victim's head and one arm were separated from the body. Where 2 the body parts are approx 20 meters from the victim's body.

There are no witnesses who know exactly what happened. However, it is believed that the woman was walking along the railroad tracks from the north to the south.

One local resident Muhili said, before the incident he was sitting in front of his house which happened to be facing the railroad tracks. Suddenly Muhili heard a neighbor screaming.