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Defending Champion's Prestige Competition

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GREAT EIGHTH: Middle School Player 5 Banyuwangi (green) fighting over the ball with MTS Banyuwangi players (orange) yesterday.

BANYUWANGI – Two strong student football teams in zone I of the Indonesian Education League (LPI), Public High School 1 Banyuwangi versus SMKN 1 Glagah, will meet each other at Diponegoro Stadium this afternoon. Both teams have actually confirmed that they have qualified for the top eight of this competition between students from Banyuwangi.

However, the meeting between the two teams will certainly not just be the closing match in Region I. More than that, This meeting will have special meaning for both teams. The winner of this match will automatically hold the title as Zone I champion in this LPI edition. On the other hand, the meeting between the two teams will be a prestigious gamble for both schools.

SMKN is no exception 1 Glagah. Your reputation as the defending champion will be at stake in this match. Preparation and experience will be valuable capital to provide additional enthusiasm for facing SMAN 1 Banyuwangi. “The children are ready to go all out for this afternoon's match,” Agung Setyono determined, SMKN official 1 Glagah.

The same determination is also carried by SMAN 1 Banyuwangi. With established preparation and interspersed with trials, this will be a real test for Alfan et al. Stealing victory in this match will be valuable capital to face the last eight of the LPI for the high school category. Meanwhile, in the third and fourth stage of the fight, MAN Banyuwangi confirmed third place. Although it is not decisive for both teams, the competition that took place was intense. The opponent, SMK PGRI, forced a draw 2-2. In the penalty shootout round, MAN is ahead with the final score 5-3.

Meanwhile in the junior high school category, SMP 5 ensure yourself to emerge as zone I champion. These results were obtained after yesterday's match, MTS Banyuwangi was forced to admit the school's superiority with the score 2-1. Even if you lose, MTS Banyuwangi still has the right to accompany junior high school students 5 Banyuwangi to the last eight of the LPI. (radar)

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