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early 2022, Divorce Cases in Banyuwangi Reaches 1.124 Things

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DIVORCED: The Banyuwangi Religious Court has to work extra hard to hear divorce cases. How not, in the beginning 2022 Banyuwangi PA has received this 1124 divorce case application (Photo :

TADATODAYS.COM – Divorce cases in Banyuwangi Regency experienced an increase at the beginning 2022. From January to early February 2022, religious courts (PA) Banyuwangi has already handled 1.124 divorce case.

This number has increased compared to January this year 2021 then, ie as much 944 matter. Meanwhile during the year 2021, divorce cases in Banyuwangi reached 7.405 matter. With details, Divorce as much as talaq 1.809 and divorce sued as much 4.085 matter.

Clerk PA Banyuwangi, Subandi said the divorce case in Banyuwangi in 2021 already 98 percent resolved and remaining 2 percent. Meanwhile at the beginning 2022, from January to early February experienced an increase in the number of cases. “Recorded 1.124 the matter at hand,He said.

Subandy explained, divorce cases in Banyuwangi on average are dominated by young people between 20-30 year. Even, not a few also filed for or filed for divorce under age 20 year.

The reason for the divorce was due to incompatibility between husband and wife. As well as, There are other factors that cause such as economic factors. “Mostly motivated by economic factors and (influence) social media,” he said.

Because of the large number of divorce cases at the beginning 2022, PA Banyuwangi opened five meeting places to speed up the resolution of cases. “For one place the trial can finish 30 until 40 matter, so that with five trials can complete 160 matter,” he said.

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