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The shape of a snake-like circular bunch

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STRANGE: Fatmawati's bananas in the Krajan neighborhood, Kertosari Village.

Banana trees with branches are often found on Earth Blambangan. This time, A more unique banana tree appears in Kertosari Village, Banyuwangi District. What's the uniqueness like??
-GILANG GUPTA, Banyuwangi-

This banana TREE is not like bananas in general. The shape of the bunch of bananas that grow around Fatmawati's house, Krajan Environment, RT-2/ RW 3, Kertosari Village, it looks more like a snake. Even more unique, The bunch grows from the middle of the stem.

Banana bunches are not straight, but rather encircles the stem, like a snake. Bunches appear in the middle of the stem, specifically 20 cm from the leaf. The size of the fruit is relatively normal, like bananas in general. However, Not as usual, The banana is said to be facing upwards. This is because the circular bunches have their ends rising upwards.

The height and size of the banana stem are relatively normal. Fatmawati, owner of this unique banana tree, I only found out that the bananas were unique when I wanted to harvest bananas from another tree. Originally, he didn't realize this banana plant was unique. He only realized after observing more carefully.

"If you look at it at first glance, there's nothing strange. But if you look carefully, Banana bunches are like coiled snakes," he said. Fatmawati added, since newly planted, The banana tree grows normally like other banana trees. “There are also banana trees around it, but only that one tree has unique fruit," he said.

The banana fruit, which is right in Fatmawati's yard, is currently being widely discussed by residents. Even, Now this unique banana fruit is a free spectacle for many residents. (radar)