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Elementary School Boy Abused by Middle School Protol

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PESANGGARAN – Cases of sexual abuse where the perpetrator and victim were minors occurred in Pesanggaran Village/District. At the moment, The perpetrator with the initials VA is still old 16 year and allegedly violated PN, 7, own neighbor, still undergoing examination at the local police station.

Alleged sexual abuse with the perpetrator and victim being a minor, This was revealed when the victim complained that his genitals hurt. Can't stand the pain, then told what happened to him to one of his teachers.

“The teacher told the victim's parents and the parents reported it to the police,” said the Pesanggaran Police Chief, AKP Sudarsono yesterday (12/10). From the report, he explained, the members immediately moved quickly.

The victim was asked to testify as a witness. VA is suspected of being the perpetrator, also called to the police station. “From the statements of the perpetrator and victim, The incident turned out to be a month ago,” he said.

From the statements of the perpetrator and victim, The act took place in an empty house not far from the perpetrator's house. In that empty house, The perpetrator grabbed the victim and forced him to play “leathered horse”. “The victim admitted that he was forced,” he said.

The irony, The alleged rape occurred at around 1 p.m 11.30 and witnessed by two of his friends. “The perpetrator's two friends just watched, do not follow in this matter,” he said.

The police chief admitted that he was very careful in handling this case. Especially, The perpetrator and victim are all minors. (radar)

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