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Middle School Boys Turned Four Youths

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Previous Liquor Party Until High

MUNCAR- Rape with the victim still a junior high school student, happened in the hamlet of Krajan, Sumbersewu Village, Muncar District. The victim's initials LL, 16, claimed to have been rotated by four groups of teenagers.

Of the four flocks of teenagers, Three of them were caught by the police, Saturday night (9/9). While the perpetrator has the initials, DV, from the village of Tambakrejo, Muncar District fled when he was about to be arrested.

“Of the three perpetrators we managed to catch, one of them is still in middle school,” said the Muncar police chief, Commissioner Agus Dwi Jatmiko The perpetrator who is still a minor, light him, initials ZK, 17, from Sumbersewu Village, Muncar District.

Meanwhile, his two friends, who are now incarcerated in the Muncar Sector Police detention room, is Agus Setiawan, 21, and Hendrik Kurniawan, 21, both of them are residents of Krajan hamlet, Sumbersewu Village, Muncar District.

The act of rape with the victim being rotated, happened around 22.00, on Sunday (3/9). At that time, the victim and a herd of perpetrators martin to Agus Setiawan's house. In that house, they have a liquor party (you look).

“There was an alcohol party at the suspect's house, Setiawan,” explained the police chief yesterday (11/9). During that liquor party, light him, there are actually seven people. Apart from the perpetrators and victims, there are two others, namely LA and Ryan. It is just, The last two children go home first. “LA felt dizzy and went home with Riyan,” he said.

With the return of Riyan and LA, Practically, at Agus Setiawan's house, LL lives. Hendrik, DV, ZK, and Setiawan. At that time, LL is in a state of unconsciousness due to drunkenness. “The victim who was drunk by Setiawan was taken to his room,” the light.

In that room of the house, LL's girl was snatched away by Setiawan. Next up is Hendrik, ZK, and finally DV. After venting his lecherous lust, Hendrik, ZK, and DV home. “LL at home with Setiawan,” he said.

LL just came home the next day with Setiawan escorted. The arrival of his limp daughter, make his parents suspicious. After being urged, The 9th grade junior high school boy finally opened his mouth. “His parents didn't accept it and then reported it to the Police,” clear.

From the report of the victim's parents, it's clear, The police immediately moved to arrest the perpetrators in their respective homes. The identity of the perpetrators has been identified by the victim, so we stayed picked up at his house,” he said.

But, honey, of the four perpetrators, not all were caught. One perpetrator with the initials DV, already disappeared when the police were about to arrest him at his house. “We will continue our pursuit of the runaway culprit,” he told Jawa Pos Radar Tile. (radar)

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