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Bachelor Hangs Himself in Home Kitchen

IMAGE, Jawa Pos Radar Tile – A young man from Petahunan Hamlet, Jajag Village, Gambiran Agung Prastyawan District, 28, found dead with his body hanging in the kitchen of his house, Monday (20/2). The first person to find his mother's victim, Suwartik, 63.

When his mother found around at 12.00, The condition of the victim had died in the kitchen of his house. At that time, Suwartik has just returned from a relative's house who has a celebration. "His mother came home from a relative's house for a celebration,explained the Gambiran police chief, AKP Abdul Rohman.

According to the Police Chief, when his mother found him in the kitchen, around the victim's neck was a plastic rope tied to a wooden blandar. At that time, his body hangs. "The victim's mother immediately screamed and screamed for help," he said.

From the results of an examination carried out with medical officers from the Jajag Health Center, light him, It is strongly suspected that this victim intentionally ended his life by hanging himself. “There were no signs of abuse on his body," he said.

When found it, light him, there are signs of a person hanging himself such as a plastic rope tied around his neck, and the tongue stuck out until it was bitten by the victim's teeth. “The victim's family refused to be autopsied, the body was immediately buried,” he said while conveying that he did not know the cause of the victim's desperate attempt to hang himself.

One of the victim's neighbours, Nur Yadi, 40, said Agung was a quiet type of person. All this time he worked at the Jajag gas station, which is not far from his house. “Her last position was as a supervisor,He said.(gas/abi)