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After Maghrib Prayer, Motor Brushed Theft

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TEGALDLIMO, Jawa Pos Radar Tile – Motor vehicle theft (stealing) happened at the Baitul Karim Jami Mosque, Sumberkepuh hamlet, Kedungwungu village, Tegaldlimo . District, on Monday night (13/3). Supriati's Honda Astrea motorcycle, 59. stolen.

When it happened, the victim brought the motorbike for the evening prayer congregation at the mosque. After that prayer, the victim knew that the motorbike parked in the courtyard of the mosque did not exist. "After Maghrib prayer, missing motorcycle,Supriati said, Tuesday (14/3).

Supriati admitted that all this time she often prayed in congregation at the nearby mosque 100 meters from his house. Every time to the mosque, brought his black motorcycle. “This is the first time there has been theft at a mosque," he said.

According to Supriati, when his motorbike was left praying at the mosque, often leave the ignition on the motorbike. And it, turned out to be used by the perpetrator. "Usually it's fine, my keys stay on the motorbike,” he said while mentioning that the house keys were also on his motorbike.

Takmir Jami Baitul Karim Mosque, Giyono, 58, said based on CCTV footage, The theft took place when local residents were praying in congregation. "It happened at approx 17.58 until 17.59," he said.

When the perpetrator takes place, light him, there are six motorcycles and two bicycles parked in the courtyard of the mosque. All the motorbikes and bicycles belonged to residents who were praying in congregation at the mosque. “This is a new motorcycle theft, previously three times the charity box was stolen thieves,he explained.

From the results of the recording on the mosque's CCTV, he continued, Shortly before the theft, from outside the mosque gate, a young man in a red shirt and gloves could be seen entering. The young man immediately walked towards Supriatin's motorbike. “The thief immediately got on the motorbike, start the engine, and go,He said.

sadly, he still said, The perpetrator's face, which was recorded on CCTV, was not clearly visible. But, he was not sure that the motorcycle thief was a local resident. “His face was not clearly visible on the CCTV," he said.

Members of the Tegaldlimo Police who received reports from residents immediately went to the scene of the incident to conduct TKP investigation. "Monday night, We immediately checked the location and CCTV footage of the mosque,"said the Tegaldlimo Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Iptu Edi Jaka Supa’at.

The Criminal Investigation Unit admitted that he was still gathering evidence and gathering information from the public regarding the theft. "We are still doing research,"he said to the Jawa Pos Radar Tile.(gas/abi)