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Support Waste Management in Banyuwangi, Deputy Ambassador of Norway Meets with Regent Ipuk

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BANYUWANGIKAB.GO.ID – The Norwegian government continues to support integrated waste management in Banyuwangi Regency.

Deputy Ambassador of Norway to Indonesia, Bjornar Hotvedt specifically met the Regent of Banyuwangi Ipuk Fiestiandani to convey plans for further development of various waste management programs in Banyuwangi.

Previously, for almost 5 year, the Norwegian government together with the Borealis corporation from Austria supports the NGO Systemiq to assist the people of Muncar Banyuwangi District in waste management.

And the program will be expanded to other sub-districts and build a waste recycling center in Songgon.

“Since 2018 Project STOP project is getting bigger. We are very proud to be a partner in Banyuwangi for waste management. I see that many parties are involved in solving the waste problem comprehensively,” said Bjornar.

“The second stage we have expanded to many areas in Banyuwangi. I really appreciate Banyuwangi which involves community participation in waste management. Because community involvement is the key to the success of this program,” he added.

Hotvedt added, his side since 2019 in collaboration with the Indonesian government to create a National Secretariat for Handling Marine Debris in Jakarta.

To expand the collaboration, Norway invites several local governments to get involved.

“Banyuwangi wants us to be an example, because our biggest project is in Banyuwangi,” beber Hotvedt.

On that occasion, Hotvedt also invited the Project Manager of the Clean Ocean through Clean Communities program (CLOCK), Sigve Andera.

CLOCC is a waste management association that is also from Norway and is currently involved in the preparation of a waste management master plan in Banyuwangi.

"We are supported by the Norwegian government in compiling a master plan for handling waste in Banyuwangi". We involve many parties, such as mass organizations and environmental issues activists,” kata Andera.

With Norway's support, Ipuk expressed his gratitude for being able to help with the problem of waste handling in Banyuwangi.

“What Norway has done together with two NGOs has brought about a significant change, especially for the Muncar community,” said Ipuk.

He added, Banyuwangi has several programs related to waste management for children, namely the River Fostering School program.

Where students and the school are given the responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the river around their school.

In addition, there is also the Banyuwangi Hijau program in collaboration with PT. Systemiq Lestari Indonesia for waste management in sub-districts and the Kaliku Bersih program.

“Thanks to the Norwegian government for supporting and inspiring us. Hopefully this collaboration can continue,” he concluded.

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