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commotion, Elderly in Banyuwangi Found Dead in Dragon Fruit Garden Hut

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The victim was found dead in a dragon fruit garden hut in Ringinmulyo Hamlet, Pesanggaran Village/District, Banyuwangi Regency, checked by officers, Tuesday (22/2/2022). (Special).

NARASINEWS.ID – Residents of Ringinmulyo Hamlet, Pesanggaran Village/District, Banyuwangi Regency, shocked by the discovery of the body of an elderly man in a dragon fruit garden hut in the local area.

The victim is known as Sutris (60), residents of Silirbaru Hamlet, Sumberagung Village, Kecamatan Pesanggaran. He was first discovered by residents on Tuesday (22/2/2022) about o'clock 04.00 WIB.

At that time a resident named Suraji (75) wants to turn off the dragon fruit lights on his land. Unexpectedly, this witness saw the victim.

"The victim was found in the hut in the dragon fruit area belonging to the witness with his body lying down and lifeless,” said the Pesanggaran Police Chief, AKP Subandi when confirmed.

suddenly, Witnesses who knew about the incident immediately reported the incident to the local RT head and forwarded it to the Pesanggaran Police.

"The results of the medical examination found no signs of violence or abuse against the victim. The victim died allegedly due to illness,"explained Subandi.

Based on information from residents, he continued, before the incident, The victim often walked back and forth in the witness's dragon fruit garden area.

The victim has also been handed over to the family for burial. “Based on information from his family, The victim had been suffering from mental disorders,” concluded Subandi.

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