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Fragile Support Wood, Residents' House in Rogojampi Collapses

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ROGOJAMPI – Allegedly because the wood frame material is weathered, the semi-permanent house occupied by Suraji, 56, alone on RT 1 RW 10 Paspan Village, Depth Village, Rogojampi Kecamatan District, around 12.00 fell down yesterday.

Lucky, when it happened, the occupants of the house are outside. So that it does not cause casualties or injuries.

The Chief of the Rogojampi Police, Kompol Suharyono, said:, so aware of this incident, his party immediately docked with the three local pillars. After checking, sure because the wood material is weathered and old. So it is not strong enough to support the top of the roof. “It collapses on its own because the wood is rotten,” the light.

Suharyono said:, temporarily for the purpose of staying, Suraji will ride first at a relative's house in Paspan. “The house cannot be occupied. He will stay at a relative's house,” the light.

As a result of this incident, Suraji's loss was around Rp 15 million. As for the need for repairs, Currently, Suraji's residents and neighbors have been working together to repair their houses.

“Neighbors have helped to clean up the debris and tidy up,” the light.