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Junior High School Graduates of Elementary School Boys

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Illustration of sexual abuse.

PESANGGARAN – Cases of sexual abuse involving minors have occurred again. This time, the inappropriate act is done by a child who is still under age. Being a victim, still sitting in class 1 SD.

The perpetrator who is suspected of having committed an indecent act has the initials AA, 14, A junior high school graduate who lives in Sumberagung Village, Kecamatan Pesanggaran. The victim's initials are DS, his neighbor who is still seven years old.

“We have detained the suspect at the police station,” said the Pesanggaran Police Chief, AKP Sudarsono. The inappropriate act occurred before midday prayers, while the victim was watching TV at home. At first, the suspect came to watch TV.

“In front of the TV the perpetrator acted indecently towards the victim,” the light. When the scene takes place, was caught directly by the victim's mother. At that moment, the perpetrator immediately ran away. Only in the evening, teenager (ABG) Residents arrested him at his house.

“It happened that afternoon, The perpetrator was arrested by residents after tarawih prayers,” clear. When arrested by residents, light him, The perpetrator was taken to the house of the local RT head. From that house, The suspect, who had just graduated from junior high school, was picked up by the police and taken to the police station.

"We arrested the perpetrator when the residents took him to the RT head's house,” he said. For legal proceedings, The suspect who was detained at the police station is still undergoing examination. Police, also summoned the victim for questioning.

For evidence (BB) The police also confiscated the perpetrator's belongings, like a white singlet t-shirt, brown underwear, silver name shorts with red combination. The victim's clothes, like black leggings, graphic t-shirt, underpants, and blue tarpaulin were also confiscated. “All of these items go to BB,” he explained.

According to the police chief, cases of alleged molestation committed by minors get Control from Child Protection (PA) Banyuwangi Regency. “The perpetrator and victim are still the same- same under age,” he said.

Meanwhile, officers from the Child Protection Social Work Unit (Sakti Pesos PA), Ikhsan Masruri, deliver during 2017 This is an immoral case involving quite a lot of children as victims.

“We just accompany more or less 20 case,” he said. For this case, call him, The identities of suspects and victims must be protected for the sake of the future and children's rights. His party hopes for the environment around the victim and the place where he studied, not to add to the burden.

"We carry out an assessment, apparently many people don't know,” he said. (radar)

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