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Enter the Regent Candidate Exchange in the Banyuwangi Regional Head Election 2020, This is the words of the Regent's sister Anas

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BANYUWANGI – Later, the name of Mufti Aimah Nurul Anam, who is the younger brother of Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas, was reportedly included in the Regional Head Election exchange. (Pilkada) Banyuwangi 2020.

Reported from Kabarjawatimurcom, respond to it, Mufti Anam who is also the Chairman of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) East Java, preferring to concentrate in Jakarta for the time being.

“Oh no, I am currently still living in Jakarta, also just appointed, the term breath just isn't finished yet,” he said, after inaugurating the BPC HIPMI Banyuwangi board at the Sabha Swagata Blambangan Hall, Saturday (2/11/2019).

But, Kata Mufti Anam, as a party officer he will follow whatever will be ordered to him. However, inwardly, the young doctor and businessman wants to stay in the capital city, Jakarta.

“His name is party officer, we follow what is ordered. But, if conscience, we still want to be in Jakarta,” he added.

Just to know, Mufti Anam has just officially become a member of the DPR RI from the PDI Perjuangan faction.

“I feel I still need to learn a lot there,” he explained.

In this case, up to the Pilbup registration deadline 2020 later, it can be interpreted that the younger sibling of the Regent Anas still has the opportunity to take his name in the Regent Election exchange. Naturally, on orders or waiting for a mandate from the leadership of the central party.

“Yes, we'll see, there is no mandate yet. So we still don't know what to do ?,” said Mufti Anam.

“Banyuwangi is already good, at least future leaders can maintain what is already there, this is very good in my opinion,” he added.

As known, Approaching the Banyuwangi Pilkada, many names appeared in the Pilkada contestation 2020, such as the Director of the Genteng Hospital, Dr. H. Taufiq Hidayat, Bucket, M Kes, Head of the Department of Transportation (Kadishub), Ali Ruchi, General's two sons, Lukman Yani SH and Achmad Yazid. Including Purnomo or familiarly called Mas Pur, who are said to be advancing through the independent route.

Plus there are two more from the Banyuwangi Regent's family, Abdullah Azwar Anas, namely Mufti Anam and Regent Anas' wife, Ipuk Fiestiandani. Do not miss, H Sumail Abdullah, Heru Pratista, and H. Abdullah Rafsanjani.

With this exchange in a democratic party 2020 the future is certainly the hope for the people of Bumi Blambangan to give birth to the best leader for this regency at the eastern end of the island of Java.