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Smell, Sumberberas Village Treasurer Collects PTSL Fees Of Up To Millions Of Rupiah

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PUBLIKBANYUWANGI.COM – Complete Systematic Land Registration Acceleration (PTSL) is a free land certification program from the government, because there are still many uncertified lands. sadly, The program that was supposed to reduce the burden on the community was actually used by irresponsible Village Treasurers.

By reason of having quota 200 PTSL which can be reached via the express line in the process, Gilang Intan Purnama Sari as Treasurer of Sumberberas Village, Muncar District, levy fees to residents who register for PTSL up to millions of rupiah. To convince the victims, This Sumberberas Village Treasurer makes detailed cost details like a notary and promises the work process until a certificate is issued for a period of time 3 month.

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Victims who incidentally are ordinary people who want their certificate of ownership to be issued soon (so) easily deceived by what he says. One of them is Siti Nur Hamidah, a resident of Sumberberas Village, Muncar Banyuwangi sub-district has submitted a sum of 2, 4 million more to the Village Treasurer who is familiarly called Gilang for PTSL fees.

“In the details made by Mbak Gilang, the total cost of making PTSL is Rp 2.446.080. There is an inheritance tax 25% to be paid Rp 1.747.200. There is also an inheritance tax 1% of Rp 698.880, ” said Hamidah.

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The same thing was experienced by Ayu Retno Marta Denta, a resident of Sumberayu Hamlet, Sumberberas Village, Muncar District. His good intention is to register a plot of land belonging to his parents through the PTSL government program, even got tricked by the local Village Treasurer. With the same mode, Gilang asked Ayu Retno for a PTSL fee of Rp 4.150.000.

“First, Gilang asked for a PTSL fee of Rp 400.000 and i'll transfer it right away. After that ask again Rp 3.750.000 I also transfer. I still keep the proof of the transfer to the account. I plan to make it for proof of reporting to the Banyuwangi Police on Monday tomorrow, ” Ayu said in an annoyed tone in front of the media crew, Saturday (05/02/2022).

Treasurer of Sumberberas Gilang Intan Purnama Sari Village. /Photo: Sumberberas village website.

Meanwhile, the Village Head of Sumberberas Sri Purnanik when confirmed by reporters in his office confirmed that a few days ago there were residents who complained that their village treasurer had asked for the cost of making PTSL up to millions of rupiah.. At that time, he was surprised that there was a fee related to the PTSL program in his village. even though, Currently the PTSL program is still in the registration stage, not yet working.

“Even though I often tell the residents of Sumberberas Village who come to the Village Office to register for PTSL, never give money to unscrupulous persons under the pretext of the cost of making PTSL. I also often emphasize to residents that the PTSL certification program is a free government program, ” said the village head who used to be a midwife.

PTSL registrants who feel cheated by Gilang are planning to take this matter to law. Because until now there is no good intention from Gilang, The plan is that on Monday the victim will report this case to the Banyuwangi Police.

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