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Ramadan, Nightlife in Banyuwangi Must Close

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During the month of Ramadan,-place-night-entertainment-including-family-karaoke-prohibited-temporarily-operating.

Satpol PP Sends Circular Letter to Managers

BANYUWANGI – During Ramadan the local government will sterilize all nightclubs. To sterilize the activities of nightclubs during Ramadan, Civil service police Unit (Satpol PP) has sent a circular letter to the manager of entertainment venues yesterday (27/5).

The letter was sent to all managers of nightclubs so that from H minus seven Ramadan they must start reducing their activities. "Next, since H minus three Ramadan has had to stop completely,"said the Head of the Banyuwangi Satpol PP Investigation and Enforcement Section, Ripai.

Ripai said, they will carry out an inspection (inspection) during Ramadan. An inspection was carried out to ensure that all nightclubs were closed. "If anyone is found to be determined to operate during Rama and, we will give you a written warning. This applies to all entertainment venues, both permits and those whose permits are still in process," he said.

If the written warning is ignored, imbuh For the rim, Satpol PP will send a second and third written warning letter. If until the third warning there are still nightclubs still operating, then Satpol PP will coordinate with the Integrated Licensing Service Agency and Investment (BPPT-PM) to revoke the license of the entertainment venue.

"After that, Satpol PP will carry out an operation to close the entertainment venues forever,” he said. In addition to being addressed to all managers of entertainment venues, said Ripa, Circulars were also sent to the owners of stalls or restaurants, especially those located on the side of the road. Through the letter, Satpol PP asked stall owners to close their stalls, for example with cloth.

"So that the food being sold and the activities of the people eating at the stall are not visible from the outside," he explained. The move was done to respect the citizens who performed the obligatory fasting of Ramadan. "This is to respect the people who are fasting," he concluded. (radar)

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