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Fuck Minors, The Man from Muncar Was Handcuffed by the Police

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The Suspect of Sexual Intercourse with Minors Initials RA (20) Detained by Muncar Police, Banyuwangi Police. (Photo : Mbah Din

RA . depraved behavior (20) Muncar District residents, Banyuwangi, East Java.

He has to deal with Muncar Sector Police, Banyuwangi Police, because he was desperate to have sex with a minor twice.

The case was revealed by the Muncar Police Criminal Investigation Unit following a report from the victim's parents.

The head of the Muncar Police, Kompol Zaenuri, through the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Muncar Police, Ipda Putu Ardana, when confirmed, confirmed that the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Muncar Police had named the suspect RA in the case of alleged sexual intercourse with a minor..

"Earlier, after the victim's parents reported to the police,. The Criminal Investigation Unit went directly to the complainant's house and arrested the perpetrator, to be taken to the police station so that things don't happen. said Ipda Putu Ardana, Wednesday (27/10/21).

Meanwhile, From the results of the investigation, the perpetrator also admitted that he had sexual intercourse twice with the victim.

Until finally the police secured various pieces of evidence from the case of sexual intercourse with a minor.

"The evidence that we have secured are:, one piece light blue jeans, one piece of red underwear, one piece of black and white striped shirt, one piece of milky white panties, one piece black school skirt, one piece of yellow school batik shirt with black flower pattern , "explained the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Muncar Police, Banyuwangi Police.

To account for his actions, the suspect is charged under Article 81 verse (1) FIND NO. 17 Year 2016 concerning the Stipulation of the Government in Lieu of Law No 1 Year 2016 concerning the Second Amendment to Law No 23 Year 2002 about Child Protection. With the most severe threat of confinement 5 years in prison and the longest 15 Years in prison. (MBAH DIN/DIK)

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