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Unpaid 3 Year, Run away and get killed

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takdigajiEndang Sulistiowati's journey to earn a living in Saudi Arabia is full of suffering. For three years working, TKI from Krajan Hamlet, Kaligung Village, Rogojampi Kecamatan District, it's not paid. Until finally, he came home living name. Endang's life journey has been so hard since working in Saudi Arabia. Imagine, mother of one child who works as a domestic helper (PRT) The employer has not been paid by the employer since the first year came 2007 ago.

The bitter truth lasted for three years. For not receiving a salary, The woman who was divorced from her husband finally chose to run away. Then, the person concerned managed to get a job with the help of a friend. even so, The deceased often changes places of work with various considerations. Se to, before it was reported that I died, the deceased diligently sent money to his family on Earth Blambangan.

Even, Riska Nur Vianti's mother, 19, it sends some money every month. The deceased also often communicated with his family, including pu trinya. Communication through the telephone line went smoothly without any problems. However, The family was shocked when they received the news of the death of the deceased. Because, Be lum even a day the deceased talked through a telephone call.

At the time, no special message from al marhum. Risk Nervous, 19, me nge nang, At that time he was contacted by his mother in the morning before he died that night. He admitted that he had no inkling before the death of his mother, "How can you not be surprised?", My mother was killed,He said. He also asked the mother when pu lang. The mother promises to come home soon before the fasting month so that we can Eid with the family.

‘‘ Homecoming is advanced before the month of Ramadan. So, fasting is already at home,"remembers the girl whose mother has been away since the second grade of middle school. So far, Riska's living expenses—Rika Nurvianti's nickname—came from her mother's left hand. When no money is sent, her aunt who fulfills daily expenses to school fees from junior high school to college level. "I can't work with you. Was told to go to college until it was finished and then work,”He asked.

On that suggestion, Risk according to. He chose to study in Denpasar, Bali. To date, he is still active in the second semester of campus. "I took a one -year program. This year I hope I graduate and can work,'' He said with tears in his eyes. Meanwhile, Susiyowati, 41, admits that he really misses his brother's figure. See chapter, since going abroad, the person in question never returned.

'Never come home. The body was also not sent,"sorry". He mentions, received posts approx. 1,5 million every month from victims. It depends on the real exchange rate with rupiah. ''If totaled, during these three years the money sent was around Rp 40 million,'' he said. The family was also very surprised when suddenly the deceased's belongings arrived at the funeral home yesterday.

"What came was not my sister's body, even furniture items,"He regretted. Since that death, The family has held a salvation to pray for the deceased. Congratulations in the form of a prayer together were held for seven consecutive days. ''Just a few days ago we were saved 40 day," he concluded.


ROGOJAMPI – Sad news returns to Banyuwangi residents while working abroad. This time, experienced by Endang Sulistiowati, residents of Dusun Krajan, Kaligung Village, Rogojampi Kecamatan District, Banyuwangi. Female workforce (TKW) died in Saudi Arabia at the age of 43 year. The mother of one child died as a result of being murdered. The body of the deceased was buried in Saudi Arabia without the knowledge and consent of the family.

That's what makes the family very sad. Information obtained, Endang breathed her last on 7 May 2013 then at the hospital. The widow was declared dead after experiencing heavy bleeding. Susiyowati, 41, The deceased's sister admitted that she received news of the death from her brother's friends who also worked in Saudi Arabia.

Early news, The victim died because he fell from the bathroom. ''But, there is news again died because someone killed,'' He said. The news definitely shocked the family. Especially, Until now, the government has not provided any information regarding the death. ''The ones who gave the news were his friends, not from the government. That's what makes the family very disapproving,'' he said. Not just the government, The party who brought his brother must also be held responsible.

Because, Until now, the accountability of the PT recruiting workers has almost never existed. ''I already asked, but the answer is to just let it go,"sorry". According to Susiyowati, the answer is very inappropriate and makes the family really angry. Remember, Her sister went abroad too because of that person.

''Items can be purchased, if you can't buy life,'' said Susiyowati with a tone full of emotion. He mentions, the person who took his sister abroad for years 2007 ago it was located in Giri District. However, the person does not show concern let alone responsibility. ''If you bring people, yes must be returned,'' he urged. Risk Nervous, 19, only daughter of the deceased confessed, I miss my mother so much. (radar)

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