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Inspired by Kartini, Run Three Jobs at Once

be inspiredThe predicate as Kartini today seems worthy of being pinned to Dr. Hj. Sundari, A.Per. Pen. M.Kes. How not, through a long struggle, he managed to become the first civil servant in the Banyuwangi Regency Government to hold a doctorate in health. SHARING time between family and work is not easy to do. Especially, for a woman. Even, Not a few people think that the nature of women is only as housewives who are in charge of taking care of their husbands and beloved children.

Because, if women are too busy working, family life will not be taken care of optimally. However, Sundari countered that assumption. Female birth 22 February 1970 he managed to do his job as a civil servant while taking care of his family well. Even, Sundari still has time to continue her education to a higher level. Lantas, Is the Sundari family abandoned?? Not. Woman whose address is at Jalan Acacia II number 1 Banyuwangi still fulfills his obligations as a wife and mother to his two children.

Sundari's way of taking care of the family is not careless. The proof, the love and attention he gave to his family bore sweet fruit. Fandaruzzahra Putri Perdani, Sundari's eldest daughter, is currently studying at the Faculty of Medicine, Islamic University of Malang. The youngest, namely Fandaratsani Tsaqif Ibrahim, now studying class X at SMA Brawijaya Smart School, Brawijaya University, Poor. Sundari admits that he is used to piling up activities. Because of that, he must be good at managing time to take care of the family, work, and his academic activities.

“Since childhood, my parents have been very supportive of my learning activities. Even after marriage, my husband is also very supportive. Even, My children always motivate me to continue my education,said H's wife. Sugeng Fadjar Harijanto, A. Per. Pen. M. The case. Sundari currently serves as the Head of the Non-Clinical Support Section at the Blambangan Hospital, Banyuwangi. Accidental, the husband is also in the world of health.

Sugeng is now serving as the Head of Environmental Health, community empowerment, and Human Resources (HR) Health at the Department of Health (Health Office) Banyuwangi. Told, Sundari has held a doctorate degree since June 2012 then. even though, while undergoing a third-level education (S3), he is busy working as a civil servant. Even, at the same time, Sundari also teaches at several dental colleges, including at the Faculty of Health Sciences Akper Blambangan (now Sticks Banyuwangi) and Muhammadiyah University of Jember.

Sundari is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Public Health at the University of Bhakti Indonesia (WHERE) Banyuwangi. The position as a lecturer at the three universities is still being carried out by Sundari until now. Back to Sundari's struggle to get a doctorate to complete his strata III studies at the Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University, Malang, Sundari made a dissertation entitled “Non-Genetic Risk Factors and Region Promoter Polymorphisms of the CYP11B2 Variant T Gene(-334)C Aldosterone Synthase in Patients with Essential Hypertension in Coastal and Mountain Areas”.

Through his dissertation, Sundari succeeded in finding genetic variations in hypertensive patients (high blood pressure). Explained, The genetic variation arises because of a person's gene mutation. The discovery of these genetic variations will be useful in the diagnosis process (determine whether someone has hypertension or not), prognosis (predict a patient can be cured or not), and determine the therapy of hypertensive patients. According to Sundari, Hypertension is closely related to a person's salt consumption.

Patients who daily live in mountainous areas, there is no gene mutation at all. However, Patients from coastal areas who in fact consume more salt than residents living in the mountains will experience gene mutations. “It is gene mutations that cause genetic variation,he explained. According to Sundari, biomolecular research (research at the molecular level) it is very effective to take steps to prevent and cure hypertension patients by determining the patient's genes.

People who consume less salt can suffer from hypertension. It happens if the gene is sensitive to salt. "It is known that the patient's gene is sensitive to salt", the doctor can give special attention to the patient," he explained. Prevention of hypertension can be done by reducing salt consumption. The hypertension prevention therapy must be adjusted to the patient's gene condition. “Doctors can determine the appropriate therapy," he concluded.

Sundari admitted that he was very inspired by the figure of RA Kartini. According to him, thanks to the struggle of a Kartini, women are no longer "marginalized". Many women occupy strategic positions in various fields. "Because of that, women should not set aside the pen of education,"concluded the woman who is now also trusted as a dissertation supervisor at the University of Brawijaya Malang. (radar)

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