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Bajulmati Reservoir is Filled 10 Million Cubic Meters of Water

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BANYUWANGI – The rain that often hits Banyuwangi and surrounding areas has made the capacity of the Bajulmati Reservoir has now reached its maximum point. In the beginning 2017 then, reservoir is filled 10 million cubic meters (m3) which is characterized by the overflow of water from the reservoir through the spillway (abundant water) towards the Bajulmati River, Wongsorejo District.

And, took place at the Bajulmati Dam meeting building yesterday (21/2), Irrigation Design Survey guide discussion was held (SID). This discussion is related to the construction of irrigation networks in the area of ​​Wongsorejo and Wonorejo Village, yesterday (21/ 2).

The discussion was attended by the Department of Public Works and Spatial Planning (DPUPR) Banyuwangi, DPUPR Situbondo, Development Planning Agency at Sub-National Level (Bappeda) Situbondo, Camat Wongsorejo, Village Head of Wongsorejo District, HIPPA Wonorejo, and Head of Bajulmati Reservoir.

The irrigation area of ​​the Bajulmati Reservoir is located in Situbondo Regency and Banyuwangi Regency. The water source comes and is then dammed from the Bajulmati River and the Tangkup River.

“It is still planned to repair a new irrigation network to drain the agricultural land of eight villages in Wongsorejo District,” said the Head of Wongsorejo, Sulistyawati.

Water from the Bajulmati Reservoir will later be channeled to the Bajulmamati Dam where it then flows to tertiary irrigation to irrigate agricultural lands.. Bajulmati Dam is able to drain irrigation water 1,2 cubic meters per second.

With added flow from the reservoir, the dam can increase the water supply to rice fields 1,8 cubic meters per second.

“And can increase the planting period of rice fields. So what has so far only been planted twice can be planted three times per year,” said Sulistyawati.

Sri Indah Wijayasari, the survey team from PT Suwanda Karya Mandiri Bandung explained that the benefits of the Bajulmati Reservoir would be to irrigate 1.800 hectare (he has) divided into the Bajulmati right area of 1.322 he has, Bajulmati left as wide 478 he has, and divided in Wonorejo Village for irrigation 308 he has, as well as new land in Baluran Forest 170 ha which is currently being used as sugarcane land.