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Initially Collecting Salary, Then Kill the Master

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ROOFTILE – There are the latest developments in the investigation of two suspects in the mother-child murder case in Pandan Hamlet, Kembiritan Village, Tile District, Banyuwangi. To investigators, Two of the suspects admitted that they were men- Go to the cracker boss's house to collect your salary. During the investigation it was also discovered that Bayu, Dimas, Yazid, came to the house of Jane Ariswati alias Yeni, 57, on Monday (21/05) o'clock 18.00.

"When we arrived at the victim's house, Bayu went in first, he said collect salary. Two other suspects were waiting outside,said the Head of the Genteng Police, Commissioner Heru Kuswoto, yesterday (29/5). A few minutes later, Bayu called Dimas and Yazid who were still outside to follow them into the house. Nah, When the three of them were in the house, Yeni and her child were brutally murdered, Sherly Kurniawati, 18, it was done.

"How they kill, still under investigation,said the police chief. Regarding the motive for the murder, Heru Police Chief revealed that the murder was most likely motivated by personal revenge. Bayu and Dimas admitted that they were annoyed when they were the driver and kernet for the cracker boss. “The motive seems to be because of that revenge,"he said. Reported yesterday, two suspected murderers of Jane Ariswati alias Yeni, 57, and his daughter, Sherly Kurniawati, continued to be questioned at Genteng Police Headquarters since Monday (27/5).

Both suspects, namely Dimas Yudo Pranoto, 25, residents of Sawahan Hamlet, Kulon Tile Village, and Bayu Trilakasana Putra, 21, Cangaan Villagers, Wetan Tile Village, both used to work at Yeni's house. Meanwhile, Until yesterday Yazid was still at large. The police asked him to surrender immediately. Meanwhile, Yeni and Sherly's bodies have been buried in a Chinese cemetery in Genteng Wetan Village, Tile District, Monday. Previously, Their bodies were laid to rest in the Funeral Building in Curahtangi Hamlet, Setail Village, Tile District. (radar)

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