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Wirjo's former location is still feared

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A tense atmosphere swept across the city of Banyuwangi at that time for three days in a row. Schools closed, offices closed. Children and women are advised not to leave the house.

Patrol security officers and adult male citizens are on guard in their respective neighborhoods. Police assistance troops were also deployed from other areas. Dragonfly planes also perform maneuvers while spreading leaflets from the air.

Most of Banyuwangi residents aged 40 years and above, still have memories of that heartbreaking and gripping incident. Finally. The atmosphere at that time subsided after Wirjo's news came out. the butcher was found dead hanging himself near the river.

There are several versions of the location of Wirjo committing suicide. Some say, The place where Wirjo was found was on the river west of the Watu Buncul neighborhood. Banjarsari Village, Glagah District.

But there is another version, The location where Wirjo's body was found hanging from the roots of a tree above the river is in the west of Boyolangu Village, Giri . District. This location is near the rice fields, not far from residential areas.

But when it happened 30 last year, the location is quite quiet and far from the village. Now, the condition of the location of the bloody incident 30 last year it's still there. The location of the river where Wirjo allegedly hanged himself in Boyolangu is still feared by residents.

There are still many horror stories circulating in the community around the location. The horror stories are passed on from the old generation to their successors. “Rarely does anyone want to go there. At most people just pass by on the road near that river. The road can't be used for cars that pass. If it's near sunset, Usually no one dares to go through there. Just lazy maybe through there,” clear Good R Rohman, 23, residents of Giri Village.

Meanwhile so far, Indeed, there are many versions of stories and points of view that tell of the tragedy of the massacre by Wirjo in Banyuwangi in 12 July 1987. Through internet search engine searches, Wirjo's butcher figure appears in many portals. Starting from Wikipedia and so on.

However, the closest is the story contained in Subhan Hidayat's blog experience. However, there is a difference in the date of the incident between what is written in the blog, with document records at Blambangan Hospital.

On the blog it is written the incident of the month 15 April 1987, while the hospital document is written as the incident 12 July 1987. even so, broadly, it is said that the figure of Wirjo is the fifth child of 9 brothers.

Wirjo reportedly has two wives, and economically, they are the worst compared to their brothers and sisters. He was blown away frequently complaining of inheritance problems to his mother. In fact he has been given a lot of property, but because his hobbies are gambling and drunkenness, economic life is ruined.

His attitude is very temperamental. He often threatens his mother and wife with a sickle. Come one night, Wirjo came to his mother with a kris. He complains why his family is the ugliest and the poorest.

The mother responds as best she can, causing Wirjo to go crazy. He tried to stab his mother but it didn't work. The blog version, the next day, Wednesday, 15 April 1987, in the back of his house, Wirjo sharpens machetes and sickles.

Very- once he observed his adopted son Sri Renny (4 year) and Arbaiyah (4 year) her friend. These two children are happily playing on the sand dune in front of the house. Suddenly Wirjo ran towards the two toddlers carrying a sickle and a machete.

He swung his sickle at Renny's neck but missed. This kid managed to run. Then Wirjo turned his gaze to Arbaiyah's neck. The boy did not have time to run and the boy's neck was severed.

Meanwhile Renny ran to the middle of the rice fields to meet his mother. Renny told his mother. They were afraid to run to the road for help. Wirjo doesn't chase them. Then begins the story of the massacre.

Wirjo goes to Maskur's house, neighbor next door. Without permission, he came in through the back, to the kitchen. Wirjo found Maskur's wife cooking rice. Wirjo then slashed his sickle into the mother's neck.

The husband who is in the living room wants to help his wife. But because of his age already 80 year, his efforts are in vain. His neck actually became the target of the sickle. Wirjo then chased the people who were working in the fields.

They ended up being the target of Wirjo's rampage. But many of the targets managed to escape. Residents then flocked to the scene to look for Wirjo. But the result? They even found many bodies of victims in the rice fields. Wirjo allegedly continued to walk along the ridge to the west.

Middle school students who go to school also become victims when passing through the rice fields. Meanwhile, The search for Wirjo continues. Result, the number of victims is increasing, for example Mbok Suwendah, 73, and Grandma Park, 75. Residents are busy taking care of the bodies of the victims.

When he heard there was a commotion, Djam'i immediately left his house. In his yard, The Kamra member ran into Wirjo. Realizing that something is wrong, Djam'i stepped back and took some distance.

Wirjo swings his sickle, flashing quickly. Djam'i, who is good at martial arts, brushed aside. Result, Two of his fingers were cut off by the sharpness of Wirjo's sickle. Djam'i finally chose a thousand steps.

It is estimated that the death toll reached 18 person. Dozens of other people were injured. Finally, the people of Banyuwangi are gripped by fear because Wirjo has not been found yet.

Finally reinforcements from the police arrived. Joint team of security forces, fully armed, move. By carrying a torch, help the locals who are armed.

like doing a guerrilla war. They continue to track Wirjo. The next day, Wirjo was found dead, around 3 Kilometers west of his house. Wirjo allegedly committed suicide with a belt entangled around his neck linked to plant roots on a cliff slope, (radar)

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