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Two South Banyuwangi Perhutani Officers Became Victims of Stabbing

BANYUWANGI, – Two officers Perhutani KPH Banyuwangi The South fell victim matching inhabitant.

the officer hacked while on guard at the Senepo RPH Shadow Post, BKPH Pesanggaran, Siliragung District, Banyuwangi, on Saturday (18/2/2023) night.

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Deputy ADM Perhutani KPH South Banyuwangi Muhlisin Sabarna confirmed the incident.

"It happened around eleven at night,” said Muhlisin Sabarna, Sunday (19/2/2023).

According to Muhlisin, The chronology of events begins when four forest security officers, Hadi Prayitno, Nurchori, Wiyanto, Sujiyanto is awake.

“around 23.00 WIB, the victim was approached by someone carrying a machete allegedly in a drunken state,” he said.

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A moment later, Without any reason, the perpetrator immediately assaulted Nurchoiri's neck. Not only that, the perpetrator also stabbed Hadi Prayitno in the waist.

For personal safety, two officers perhutani it then tried to run to avoid the slash of the sharp weapon.

Perhutani officers and members of the Siliragung Police who received the report went straight to the scene of the incident (crime scene).

“The identity of the perpetrators of the persecution of the two duty officers has been pocketed,” Muhlisin said.

Muhlisin explained, the victims who were hit by sharp weapons were rushed to Al Huda Genteng Hospital because they suffered serious injuries.

“Meanwhile, the suspected perpetrator is still being pursued by the Siliragung Sector Police,” concluded Muhlisin Sabarna.

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