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Blambangan Express Train Schedules and Fares for the Semarang-Banyuwangi Route

Register your email to Subscribe to news delivered directly to your mailbox – PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) officially operates the train Express Blambangan with the Semarang route, Central Java with the aim of Ketapang, Banyuwangi, East Java commute (PP). With this new train route, Semarang people who want to go to Banyuwangi are now even easier. Therefore, know the schedule and rates the Blambangan Express train.

As it is known, Previously, there was no train with the Semarang-Banyuwangi route. The presence of the Blambangan Ekspres train aims to make it easier for the community from Semarang to Jember to Ketapang, Banyuwangi.

The name Blambangan Ekspres train comes from the Blambangan Kingdom. One of the Hindu kingdoms in the Blambangan Peninsula, east end of Java Island. Blambangan has existed since the end of the Majapahit Kingdom, precisely in the 13th century AD to the 18th century. The new train consists of four executive and three economy trains in total 440 seat.

Blambangan Ekspres will take the northern route, like cepu, Bojonegoro, Lamongan, to Surabaya. And then will continue his journey to Banyuwangi via Sidoarjo, Pasuruan, Probolinggo, and Jember. Thus, The Blambangan Ekspres train will not pass through the southern route, like Solo City, Ngawi, Madison, and Kertosono.

Train Schedule Express Blambangan

At an early stage, the Blambangan Ekspres train starts operating in December, precisely on the date 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, and 22 until 31 December 2022. Blambangan train itself departs at 18.05 WIB from Semarang Tawang station and arrived at Ketapang station at 04.40 WIB.

Meanwhile, for departures from Ketapang station starting at 19.30 WIB and will arrive at the final destination Semarang Tawang station at 05.44 WIB.

Blambangan Express train schedule 238 the Semarang-Tawang-Ketapang route:

• Semarang Tawang Station departs at 18.05

• Ngrombo Station arrives at 18.53, leave 18.56

• Cepu Station arrives 20.03, leave at 20.09

• Bojonegoro Station arrives at 20.38, leave 20.40

• Lamongan station is coming 21.30, leave 21.32

• Surabaya Pasarturi Station arrives 22.05, leave 22.20

• Surabaya Gubeng Station arrives 22.36, leave 22.44

• Sidoarjo Station arrives 23.10, leave 23.19

• Bangil station is coming 23.41, leave 23:45

• Pasuruan station arrives 00.03, leave 00.08

• Probolinggo Station is coming 00.43, leave 00.48

• Embankment Station is coming 01.52, leave 01.54

• Jember Station arrives 02.24, leave 02.29

• Kalisetail Station is coming 03.48, leave 03.50

• Rogojampi station is coming 04.10, leave 04.12

• Banyuwangi Kota Station is coming 04.24, leave 04.27

• Ketapang Station arrives 04.40

Blambangan Express train schedule 237 the Ketapang-Semarang Tawang route:

• Ketapang Station departs 19.30

• Banyuwangi Kota Station is coming 19.43, leave 19.53

• Rogojampi station is coming 20.05, leave 20.07

• Kalisetail Station is coming 20.27, leave 20.29

• Kalisat station arrives 21.28, leave 21.35

• Jember Station arrives 21.55, leave 22.03

• Embankment Station is coming 22.32, leave 22.34

• Probolinggo Station is coming 23.31, leave 23.34

• Pasuruan Station arrives 00.06, leave 00.09

• Bangil station is coming 00.27, leave 00.31

• Sidoarjo Station arrives 00.54, leave 00.56

• Surabaya Gubeng Station arrives 01.21, depart 01.26

• Surabaya Pasarturi Station arrives 01.40, leave 01.52

• Lamongan station is coming 02.24, leave 02.27

• Bojonegoro station arrives 03.16, leave 03.19

• Cepu Station arrives 03.48, leave 03.53

• Ngrombo station arrives 04.54, leave 04.56

• Semarang Tawang Station arrives 05.44

Blambangan Express train fare

Until now, KAI is still providing promo rates for the two classes of the Blambangan Ekspres train. This promo is valid for train departures on the date 2 until 18 December 2022. Promotional rates, priced starting from Rp 150.000 for economy class and Rp 250.000 for executive class.

Temporary, the normal ticket price for the Blambangan Ekspres train starts from Rp 380.000 for economy class and Rp 480.000 for executive class. The ticket, It's been available to order since 22 November 2022 yesterday on all official PT KAI ticket sales channels.

How to Order Blambangan Express Train Tickets

Tickets for the Samarang-Banyuwangi trip or vice versa with the Blambangan Ekspres train can be ordered through the KAI Access application. Here's how:

• Download and install the KAI Access application on the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

• Open the KAI Access application and enter “Home page”.

• Click the menu “Intercity Train”, Enter origin station as well as destination station. “Semarang Tawang (SMT)” for the direction of Semarang and “Ketapang (CTG)” for the direction of Ketapang.

• Enter the train departure date as desired. Enter the number of passengers, then click “Find”.

• Select departure time, KA class, and also the rates as desired.

• Enter the passenger's personal data, like e-mail, phone number, and identity number.

• Click the menu “Continue” and click “Pay Now”. Determine the payment method according to your choice, after that, follow the next command until the train ticket booking is successful. So that was the schedule and car fare Blambangan Ekspres and how to order tickets through KAI Access. For those of you who want to travel Semarang-Banyuwangi or vice versa, Order your ticket immediately while it's still on promo!

Contributor : Princess Ayu Nanda Sari