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The Story of a Disabled Accompanying His Mother Who Was Rotting at Home in Banyuwangi

The Story of a Disabled Accompanying His Mother Who Was Rotting at Home in Banyuwangi
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BANYUWANGI, – The atmosphere of the residents' environment on Jalan Raung RT 4, RW 3, Singotrunan Village, Banyuwangi District/Regency, East Java, suddenly noisy.

Residents in the neighborhood burst into tears after Siti Komariyah (64), a trader at Blambangan Market, Banyuwangi, was found dead inside the home on Sunday (24/3/2024) morning.

What's even more makes the atmosphere even more emotional, The victim's body was found in a rotting condition next to his son, Daniel Agus (32), who are known to have special needs.

According to the local RT head, Ainur Rofiq (55), The discovery of Siti Komariyah's body began with fellow market traders who admitted they could not contact the victim.

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The victim's friend, Luluk, then took the initiative to go to Siti Komariyah's house. But when he visited, the house is locked.

“He even said when called, the victim did not respond,” said Ainur Rofiq, Monday (25/3/2024).

Luluk then became suspicious when she tried to knock on the door, he smelled the stench from inside the victim's house.

“Because he suspected something had happened, Mrs. Luluk then reported to the residents,” said Rofiq.

After reporting to residents and neighbors, The door to Siti Komariyah's house was forced open. The door finally opened.

“After the door opens, It turned out that the stench from inside the house was getting more and more piercing to the nose,” he said.

When residents checked several rooms, They were shocked to find that Siti Komariyah was lying rotting on the bed.

Next to his body, there is Daniel Agus who is his biological son. When people find, he didn't stop crying over his mother's body.

“The child cried when we found him in the room with his mother's body,” explained Rofiq.

According to residents, before being found lying dead, The victim complained of a headache. However, no one expected the victim to remain in the house until he died.

“That's more or less 3-4 that day the residents did not see the victim leaving the house,” said Rofiq.

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