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Banyuwangi Red Island, The Most Beautiful Sunset Spots For Couples or Singles

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Red Island ( – Want to hunt for sunset or sunset photos with beautiful natural panoramas? On the Red Island of Banyuwangi, East Java, he replied.

Yes, the setting sun in Banyuwangi seems to be a canvas for the Almighty who is spraying orange color.

Slowly but surely the orange color turns to red, until then the sky turned dark left by the sun.

One of the recommended tourist destinations is Pulau Merah.

Formerly, This area has the name Wringin Pitu Beach.

However, the name later changed because of the uniqueness in front of the beach.

There is a hill that has red soil, where the land is the result of volcanic activity in the past.

The land on the hill is the origin of the nickname Pulau Merah.

Of course this coastal area offers very beautiful photography objects.

Surfing or surfing for beginners is also recommended on Pulau Merah beach. The waves just range 3-5 meter.

Don't worry, the safety of visitors will continue to be monitored through monitoring posts.

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