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Viral Video of HP Counter Employee Hit by Car in Banyuwangi and Thrown Away

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Viral video of a man hit by a car in Banyuwangi [Photo: Timesindonesia] – Some time ago a video of a man being hit by a car went viral on social media. Netizens were sorry to see the condition of the man who was hit and bounced.

It was later discovered that the tragic video actually happened in front of a cellphone counter. The man who was hit was the counter employee. Meanwhile, the driver is also the driver of the company vehicle.

This cellphone counter is in Genteng District, Banyuwangi Regency. Genteng Police Chief Commissioner Sudarmaji, confirmed the accident. However, he admitted that he did not know which cell phone counter the employee who was hit by the car worked at.

“Members have checked the location, but the car is no longer there. But the traces are there. And when asking about accidents, people around answered in unison that they didn't know,” he said, as quoted from media network, Saturday (15/1/2022).

Because they don't get information in the field, The Genteng Police Chief admitted that he was confused about finding out the chronology and location of the accident. Although the recording of the accident incident that befell the cellphone counter employee has been widely circulated among netizens.

Police Commissioner Sudarmaji admitted that he had asked the driver who owned the vehicle for information. Explained, The accident is thought to have occurred due to the carelessness of the parking attendant. Meanwhile, the parking attendant was allegedly not skilled at driving a car.

“According to the driver's statement, the car was driven by a parking attendant, without telling. Own initiative, I want to move the car a little to the side, but don't really understand yet. It means you want to brake but step on the gas,” he added.

Meanwhile, from information in the field, according to the visualization in the video, It is suspected that the accident happened to an employee at the 'Mentari Cell' HP counter on Jalan Raya Gajah Mada, Rooftile.

“Next to the Larasati clothing shop. Mentari Cell, formerly Piko Internet Cafe,” said O, local people.

Previously, long video recording 30 These seconds show the activity of a number of HP counter employees carrying out promotional routines on the side of the highway.

Some even distributed leaflets almost to the middle of the road. A very dangerous place because there are lots of road users passing by.

Suddenly a pickup type vehicle carrying vegetables that was previously parked sped up. Two cellphone counter employees saw it, immediately ran away. However, a male employee did not notice a car speeding towards him.

He was hit and bounced. The vehicle carrying vegetables only stopped after hitting another parked car.

Luckily the young man working at the cellphone counter bounced slightly sideways to the left, so it doesn't get squashed. Even though he was knocked out, the officer was still able to get up. He seemed to be staggering while in pain.

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