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Depraved, A father in Banyuwangi has the heart to abuse his stepson

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Suspect HS While Detained at the Cluring Police Headquarters, Thursday (11/11) Jaenudin/

Banyuwangi Police Cluring Criminal Investigation Unit, succeeded in uncovering cases of child molestation.

The case was revealed based on the victim's mother's report.

The Cluring Police Chief, Iptu Agus Priyono, when confirmed regarding the disclosure of the case, confirmed that, Until now, the suspect has the initials HS (31) still detained at the Cluring Police Headquarters for further investigation.

“Our suspect is being detained for further legal proceedings, "explained Iptu Agus Priyono", Thursday (11/11/21).

The Cluring Police Chief explained, The chronology of this sexual abuse started when the victim was desperate to leave without permission from the house due to the actions of her stepfather who always peeked while bathing or changing clothes..

Furthermore, the victim's cellphone was confiscated by the stepfather, right on monday (25/10/21) o'clock 10:00 WIB the victim's mother is not at home and the victim is in the room.

“Suddenly the stepfather came into the room and threatened the victim to vent his lecherous lust on his stepdaughter. Getting inhumane treatment, The next day the victim immediately reported to his biological mother, until a report is made to the Clearing Police, "said the Cluring Police Chief.

After arresting and detaining the suspect, The police also secured evidence of one black Vivo brand cellphone, one piece sleeve shirt white color, one piece floral print shorts, gray bra, one piece white pants, briefs, and one sheet of green sheet.

Subsequently, the suspect was charged with Article 76 D jo 81 (1)(2)(3) Law No.17 years 2016 regarding the stipulation of Perppu No.1 year 2016 concerning the second amendment to Law No. 23 of the year 2002 Calm child protection becomes the law.

"Maximum prison sentence" 15 Year, ' said the Cluring Police Chief. (DIN / DIK)

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