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Prevent Disease, Banyuwangi Distribute Hand Sanitizer to Mosques to Churches

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Photo: banyuwangikab

BANYUWANGI – Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas symbolically handed over hand sanitizer assistance to places of worship to prevent disease, especially the Corona virus which is now endemic.

Reported from, Regent Anas visited a number of places of worship, from mosque to church, Sunday (15/3/2020), to hand over hand sanitizer packed in boxes.

One of them is at the Ahmad Dahlan Mosque, where Regent Anas was met by mosque administrators and distributed hand sanitizer symbolically.

The Regent Anas did the same thing at the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque in Banyuwangi. Regent Anas was received by members of the Baiturrahman Mosque Council.

According to Regent Anas, Distribution of hand sanitizers at places of worship is one of the joint efforts to prevent disease caused by the corona virus in the community.

At the moment, continued Regent Anas, WHO has declared Covid-19 a pandemic.

“We all have to start alert. Don't panic, but also don't be careless,” said Anas.

Over there, Anas also conducted socialization on environmental sanitation and a clean and healthy lifestyle (PHPS).

“Wash your hands the cleanest with soap and running water. However, if there is no water and soap, you can use a cleaning gel or hand sanitizer. This will take care of ourselves,” said Anas.

Anas also asked all the pilgrims present to continue to maintain cleanliness. For example, rolling up their prayer rugs and urging congregations to bring their own prayer rugs.

“I also remind the community not to panic, keep healthy and maintain body immunity by consuming nutritious and vitamin typical Indonesian food and drink,” Anas ordered.

Apart from going to the mosque, Anas also visited the Pentecostal Church. Received by Pastor Eddy Tumbel, Anas advised about prevention of this corona virus.

“For the meantime, we don't shake hands first when meeting together. This is for the common good,” he said.

Anas added, for dealing with the spread of the coronavirus, they continue to monitor. Blambangan Hospital has also been alerted with an isolation room