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Dara Ayu Deadly Duet With Wandra, In the Latest Video Release 'Clap One Hand’

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Dara Ayu and Wandra in their latest music video 'Clapping One Hand’ (Screenshot of the TA Pro Youtube Channel/

PORTALBANYUWANGI.LAROS.ID – The beautiful singer Dara Ayu has released her newest music video again, this time Dara Ayu duets with Wandra, a singer from Banyuwangi.

This information was obtained based on music video footage uploaded from the official TA Production music label account.

“New Release! Halo Music Lovers! What you have been waiting for is finally here! The latest duet from Dara Ayu Ft. Wandra's rendition of the song "Clapping on One Hand" has been broadcast! With the Live Music Reggae concept, it is guaranteed to make you dance and sing along! Come on, watch the full video only on the TA PRO Music YouTube Channel & Publishing!,” he said in an upload to the Instagram account @tapromusik, Juma’t, (18 February 2022).

In the video clip, Dara Ayu and Wandra can be seen engrossed in singing the song 'Clapping One Hand’ with Reggae music accompaniment.

The latest music video for 'Clap One Hand’ This was uploaded on, Friday (18 February 2022), via the TA Pro Music YouTube channel & Publishing.

Via the comments column, Netizens also responded to the broadcast of the music video made by TA Production, Many admire the melodious vocal duet, of the two famous singers.

“The song is very fun and steady. Always successful, Bang Wandra, Ms. Dara Ayu and all the TAR PRO music team & publishing,” said one netizen.

“This is a very fun song with the addition of the voices of Mr. Wandra and Ms. Dara Ayu who are standing the poll,” said another netizen.

Until this article was made, music video entitled 'Dara Ayu ft. Wandra – Unrequited ( Official Live Music )’ has earned more than 5000 viewing times.

Previously, Dara Ayu has also released an official music video, with the title 'Let Fatty Still Be Loved', which can be watched on the Rumah Musik Kita YouTube Channel.

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