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In Sampang, Many Cows Die Because Of The BEF Virus, Breeders in Banyuwangi are advised to be vigilant

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SUARAJATIMPOST.COM – The Banyuwangi Agriculture and Food Service urges residents to be aware of the Bovine Epimeral Fever virus (BEF). BEF is a type of arbovirus disease which is transmitted through the Culex Sp mosquito vector.

Head of Animal Husbandry, Department of Agriculture and Food Banyuwangi, drh Nanang Sugiharto said a few days ago, This virus had shocked the residents of Sampang, Madura. This follows the number of cattle deaths due to exposure to the virus.

“This virus has actually existed for a long time, including in Banyuwangi. When exposed to cows will experience fever during 3 day. This virus is usually found during the rainy season. This virus is only contagious in cattle, not in other animals or even humans,” said Nanang her nickname, Friday (4/2/2022).

Nanang said that the potential for cattle to die due to contracting the BEF virus is actually very low. Treated or not, cows can recover naturally, as long as the immune system is immune. The danger of this virus is precisely from the impact of its secondary infection.

“When the cow's immunity is low, the cow will be lazy to eat and weak. When the cow has a history of disease, it will easily collapse which has the potential to kill the cow. When it's like that must be dealt with immediately,” he said.

Fever due to the BEF virus cannot be seen at a glance from the naked eye. Must be inspected by an expert.

“Once detected, handling will also be easier. When the fever is high cows are immediately given fever-reducing drugs, when his appetite decreases, he is given appetite enhancing drugs and if necessary, also given antibiotics,” he said.

“As long as it's done right away, then the risk of cattle dying can be minimized,” he added.

They appealed, residents are more active in taking several preventive measures. Like ensuring the cleanliness of the cage, make the 3M effort (drain, close and bury) puddle.

“Next, provide vitamins to maintain the cow's immune system. Nice and healthy feed. So that all risks can be minimized,” he said.

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