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Traces of the Spread of Islam in Blambangan

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Assume Fellow People Are the Same, Can't Hurt

MBAH Unus died in 8 February 1994, and was buried on one of the hills in Tamansari Village. Like the graves of the auliya, Ms. Unus' tomb is quite spacious and well maintained. On certain days, the tomb is visited by many residents.

They, that's a lot from Surabaya, Jember, and other areas. Most of the, The people who came to the tomb were actually descendants. Even though living in the 1900s, no one knows the history of Mbah Unus. In fact, no one understands the full name.

"I don't know your full name, As far as I know, Ms. Unus,"said Mohammad Yunus, 60, grandfather's son Unus. The second son of these six brothers, also admitted that he did not know his father's lineage. Known, from the maternal line comes Sayid Umar As Syakron or the great -grandfather of the Rampage War of Madura.

"From the father's line never want to tell," he said. When Ms. Unus is still there, many events are considered strange. Once there were two messengers of great teachers from Arabia, Sayid Muhammad Al Maliki, came to his house to meet his father.

“The teacher told me to go home, I'm surprised because you never go anywhere," he explained. Mbah Unus set foot on Blambangan earth in 1921. At that time, study at Kiai Kholil Cangaan, Wetan Tile Village, Tile District.

Besides that, also studied at the Salafiyah Syafi'iyah Islamic boarding school, Asembagus, Situbondo. "There was once a person who claimed to be the messenger of Ra Kholil (KH. R Kholil As'ad Syamsul Arifin) come to ask for a photo," he said. While alive, Mbah Unus is no different from the general population, such as going to the fields and mutual cooperation activities.

“Father is always asking us, What are you eating, plant in your land," he remembers. Muhammad Yunus admitted that when he was a child, often invites residents who work on plantations to increase worship. For that religious activity, set up a mosque in the Trebasala Plantation area, Tulungrejo Village, Glenmore Kecamatan District.

Besides that, also many plantation residents who come to his place to study religion. “In the prayer room that was built, made for prayer and religious study," he explained. Non-Muslim entrepreneurs who experienced rapid development after receiving his advice, actually will convert to Islam if asked by Mbah Yunus.

But, Mbah Unus never asked. "If you want to convert to Islam, you don't have to because I asked you to.", if it's not steady, then you don't have to, convert to Islam because of your will,"Muhamad Yunus said imitating his father's words. Incidents that have been remembered when the G.30/S/PKI incident erupted.

At that time, Mbah Unus strictly forbade residents who took part in the study at his place to torture or kill PKI members. "You don't hit, it's all single urip (compatriot)," he explained.

The ban had confused residents. Because at that time, the kingpins at that time were being hunted by the army and police, has actually committed theft and taken assets belonging to his family. “There are people who are being hunted by the soldiers, come to house, by the father was asked to read the creed and told to leave," he said. (radar)

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