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Kevin Sanjaya Sukomuljo, Banyuwangi Original World Badminton Player

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Parent Supported, Engage in Badminton since Age 5 Year

The figure of Kevin Sanjaya is indeed phenomenal. Apart from that, his achievements have been increasing, Kevin's good looks are also an idol for women. When met by Jawa Pos Radar Banyuwangi at the Ketapang Indah Hotel, he was with his family for a vacation in Banyuwangi.

Coincidentally, Chairman of the Indonesian Badminton Association (PBSI) Banyuwangi, Mujiono was also there with Kevin and his family. The opportunity to meet Kevin is something that is rare in Banyuwangi. Because, even though he is a Banyuwangi person, but currently more live in Jakarta.

His arrival to Banyuwangi to celebrate the holidays with his family. Although his achievements have penetrated the world, Kevin didn't show his arrogance. His speech was polite and very humble. When asked to talk to anyone, 1st winner of China Open Super Series Premier 2016 it looks very welcome.

As known, Banyuwangi-born player, 2 August 1995 it debuted at the Asian Junior Championships 2012 ago, Kevin was given the nickname "The Boy Wonder" by his fellow athletes, and fans off the pitch.

Kevin's various shots which are difficult for opponents to predict are the reasons why this athlete from Laros is nicknamed “The Wonder Boy”.. Kevin is currently a specialist in men's doubles. The achievements of the second child of the couple Sugiarto and Winartin are skyrocketing.

Final, in early January 2016 then, with her partner Markus Fernaldi Gideon, Kevin successfully won the Malaysia Open Grand Prix Gold 2016 after defeating the Malaysian senior pair, Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong. Previously, since being paired with Markus Gideon Fernaldi about a year ago, Kevin has been on the podium of prestigious tournaments several times.

Before it was as famous as it is now, Kevin was often discussed when he was still competing at the junior level. Kevin was able to collect a myriad of achievements. One of his best achievements at that time was being able to become a finalist in the World Junior Championship 2013.

In mixed doubles with her partner, Masita Mahmudin, received a narrow defeat in the final match with a score 18-21 22-20 and 21-23 over the Chinese pair, Huang Kaixiang dan Chen Qingchen. Kevin told, when he was little he spent more time in Sumberayu Village, Muncar District.

Even in the village, but he has known the world of badminton since he was old 5 year. The tiled badminton court behind his house is a silent witness to Kevin's early success. “I used to start playing badminton on the badminton court behind the tiled house. Initially, he often saw Papa playing badminton, then finally I was interested,said the athlete tallly 170 this cm.

Even though he is still very young and his body is very small, not an obstacle for Kevin to pursue badminton. He continues to practice to be able to play badminton. Coincidentally, Kevin's parents are very supportive of playing badminton.

“Apart from my talent, My parents' support is also very influential. My parents really support me to pursue badminton,said the old man 21 This year. She has felt support from her parents since she was in kindergarten.

At that time, Sugiarto, Kevin's father, giving the option to choose badminton or seriously pursue education. Got that offer, Kevin immediately chose to seriously pursue the world of badminton. “Initially, I was just playing in the back of the house. Because I was serious, I finally found a local Banyuwangi coach by Papa to play badminton. I was at that time if I'm not mistaken 5 year,said the athlete who won the most titles on the BWF tournament calendar (Badminton World Federation) this.

Not only that, although still in kindergarten, Kevin has also started joining a badminton club in Jember, namely in PB Putra 46 Argopuro, Jember. Even though he is still young, Kevin still regularly attends training in Jember with other badminton athletes.

“I used to be a singles player. Since joining PB Djarum Kudus during junior high school, the coach started looking at me to become a mixed doubles or men's doubles player,said Kevin who admits that he idolizes Sigit Budiarto, Indonesian senior doubles badminton player. His achievements when playing as a doubles player are increasingly uphill.

He always participates in various national and international events. Champion has always been his customer. Practicing seriously is the key to his success which he has continued to run so far. He also advised badminton players, especially in Banyuwangi, to continue to practice hard and stay focused on all their dreams.

"Don't waste time. There is an opportunity today, must be done today. Don't wait for tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow. As young as possible achieve your goals, and of course you have to be yourself,” explained the athlete who had attended SDK Tembokrejo, This muzzle.

Even though he has achieved a myriad of achievements, Kevin is not just complacent. He continues to want to collect championship titles for the future. This is the closest, Kevin is preparing for the All Enland tournament with his partner Markus.

"The target is of course the champion. Please pray for the people of Banyuwangi. Even though I currently live in Jakarta, my heart is still Banyuwangi,"he said, Sugiarto, Kevin's father added that he really likes to invite his second child to play badminton behind his house with his friends.

The choice to play badminton must be carried out immediately so that their children are more focused on achieving their goals. Even, when he was already proficient at playing badminton, Sugiarto also did not hesitate to include his son in badminton tournaments.

“Join the tournament so that the experience will increase. When Kevin was little, I participated in a tournament in Bandung. I brought it myself,he explained. He also advised other parents, especially in Banyuwangi, to direct their children as early as possible to where they are going.

If the ideals have been built since childhood, of course it will be a very solid and definite self-foundation, the ideals desired by children will be easily achieved if parents provide choices and support. ”But keep in mind, all the achievements achieved do not make us arrogant people, Achievement can be a new spirit to achieve our higher goals,"he said.

Chairman PBSI Banyuwangi, Mujiono said he was proud of Kevin's current achievements. Not only managed to bring the name Banyuwangi, Kevin's name has also become national and even worldwide. Banyuwangi Regency Government through PBSI Banyuwangi will continue to provide support to Kevin so that he continues to pursue the highest possible achievements.

“Kevin can be an example for other players in Banyuwangi. Kevin's parental support also played an important role in Kevin's achievements. Easy- I hope other parents can emulate this, because if we excel in the world of badminton it can also improve our economy,said Mujiono.

Especially for badminton in Banyuwangi, his party will continue to train players from an early age. County Championship (Kejurkab) Badminton will also continue to be carried out regularly by PBSI Banyuwangi, especially coaching at an early age.

“Badminton events need to be increased, especially for young people. This needs to be done so that a new Kevin from Banyuwangi appears,"hope". Mujiono's seriousness to advance Banyuwangi badminton is also not just a figment of the imagination. His party also plans to build a special badminton building located in Dusun Dusun Dusun Dubak Dupon, Bansari Village, Glagah to be exact in front of GBS FM Radio.

The badminton building will also be equipped with a players' mess, tribune, parking lot and other complete facilities 4 healthy line. The area of ​​the Badminton Hall is approx 1 hectare. We will work on this year. If you already have a special badminton building, I'm sure that later our badminton will be more advanced, Badminton enthusiasts in Banyuwangi are very high. Later Mas Kevin can also become a trainer here," he explained.

Mujiono's plan was also welcomed by Kevin. Because so far it is felt that Banyuwangi still does not have a special building for badminton sports. If it is true it is realized, Kevin is also sure that in the future there will be more world badminton players born from Banyuwangi.

“Absolutely agree if there is a Badminton GOR in Banyuwangi. I also really support that," he concluded. (radar)

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