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Reduce Accidents Towards Ijen Crater TWA, Banyuwangi Regency Government Installs Guardrail on the Black Spot Line

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Banyuwangi Regency Government installs roadblocks (Guardrail) on the path to Ijen Crater TWA. Especially in the Sengkan Mayit area which is a black spot.

This is done to protect the public and tourists who come to Ijen Crater.

“This is a form of government support in traffic safety. Hopefully with this road safety guardrail it can minimize accident fatalities,” said Banyuwangi Regional Secretary, Mujiono, Tuesday (8/3/2022).

The installation of this road guardrail is carried out by the Public Works, Cipta Karya and Spatial Planning Office (PU-CKPR) Banyuwangi.

Exist 2 guardrail installed in Sengkan Mayit. Not only that, vigilance signs were also installed along the road before and after Sengkan Mayit.

“Each of us put in Sengkan Mayit. Exist 2 yes at each point from the top along 36 meters and the one from the bottom is 32 meters long. We also added warning signs for motorists,” added the Acting Head of Public Works, Cipta Karya and Spatial Planning (PU-CKPR) Banyuwangi, Danang Hartanto.

That step, get appreciation from the police. This is an effort to minimize accidents on the route.

“The installation of this Guardrail barrier device is a preventive measure to reduce the fatality rate for traffic accident victims,” said Commissioner Akhmad Fani Rakhim, Head of Traffic Police of Banyuwangi.

Installation of this Guardrail, kata Fani, because the path is very vulnerable for riders or drivers who pass on the path of the corpse or the bend of the corpse.

“The path is not too wide, lots of steep and sharp turns,” he added.

Data from the Banyuwangi Police Traffic Unit, more than 10 the accident case occurred in that region. Especially, This route is a tourist route, which every weekend is always passed by motorists who make tourist visits to TWA Kawah Ijen.

“We urge drivers or drivers and passengers to be more alert and careful – Be careful when crossing the black spot with the dead. The installation of this Guardrail is of course to minimize and suppress the occurrence of fatality accidents,” he concluded.